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  1. Yeah it's strange, right? Such a bummer, I really like the way it looks and I wanted to animate it. Thank you for taking the time to check out the file! I really appreciate it
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on a little illustration with Sketch and Toon that uses an Infinite Light with Raytraced Hard shadows and I'm getting these shadow fragments all over the place. It's even happening on default cylinder and sphere shapes. Is there anyway to fix this? Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  3. Hey there, Is there any way to have Sketch and Toon's outlines appear in reflections? For example, I have a scene with a mirror and items in the mirror render in a sketch and toon style but the outlines do not appear in the reflection. Any workaround to this? Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I hope I'm posting this into the right sub. My apologies if I'm not! I'm still new here. I'm creating a flower animation and I have started by creating an individual petal, which has a blooming animation using bend deformers with keyframes that scale the petal model from large to small – ie: a blooming sort of motion. The animation and model looks perfect but the minute I drop it into a Cloner object, it loses the scaling part of the animation. It blooms but the petal does not go scale from large to small like it does before it's placed in the Cloner. I've been trying everything but I can't seem to make this work! Am I not ticking some box that allows for the scaling?! I have attached some videos. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks! AFTER CLONER.mp4 PETAL.mp4

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