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  1. Ohh ok where do i find that info? sorry im new to c4d Thanks
  2. Hey guys Ive been having this problem for a while now so i thought its about time i ask the experts! When i buy objects from turbosquid etc. and attempt to use them in animations (for example i bought a dollar bill object, and want to create an animation of it falling onto a plane) the object just falls through the plane. I have added a rigid body, and a collider body to the plane but it just falls through everytime Please help! Thanks
  3. Hi guys I have created an animation of a car driving off a bridge and crashing into a wall, however each time i press play it creates a different result and hits a different part of the wall whereas i need it to hit the middle each time. is there anyway i make the animation stay the same every time i press play? many thanks troy
  4. Hey Guys! I dont suppose anybody has any advice for C4D camera movement? I am very efficient with cameras in after effects so i am familiar with creating camera movement in general, HOWEVER, my live viewer updates very slow when attempting to look through the scene in order to create specific camera movements so it makes it pretty much impossible. I render with Octane which i have even paused so that the physical render live viewer can be faster but it is still slow. Anybody got tips so that i can ma ethe previews render in real time so i can make camera movements efficiently? PC INFO- Processor: Intel(R)Core(TM)i7-9700 CPU Installed RAM: 32GB 64 bit operating system, x64 bsed processor Any help would be amazing and let me know if you need more detail or explanation! Thanks Troy
  5. Hey Guys I'm fairly new to C4D so apologies if this question seems dumb! But when i use voronoi fracture with an object, you can see the cracks that it has created even before anything collides with it? I have been playing with different options and cannot find a solution. Really hope there is someone out there that can tell me there is an easy fix haha. Looks even worse when i add a texture as you can see every single crack. Many thanks# Troy
  6. Hey guys, When I import an object from turbosquid and place voronoi fracture on and attempt to make it crumble upon collision- it disperses into loads of pieces but the pieces fly high into the air and the pieces are thin and long. I then realised the object has no density and maybe that is the problem? My question is: if the problem is the density of the object, how do i fill an object with polygons so that it is not hollow? Also when i place voronoi fracture on the object, the green dots do not even appear on the object they are above? (see image) If anybody has come across this problem before and the problem infact requires a different solution please let me know! Many thanks Troy
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