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  1. Dave, One more thing. I don't mind trading in for a subscription licence. I think the subscription is very reasonably priced. All I really want is a sensible way out of my perpetual licence. Last year I was was offered to trade my less than a year old perpetual seat for a 1 year subscription at a not so great discount: I complained via private email to UK Sales until I was blue in the face but nothing could be done apparently as it came from above (hence my more public display of disatisfaction) In the end I gave up and resided my self to sitting out with my R20 seat until
  2. Thanks for your reply Dave, This is what I received from MAXON UK when I enquired:
  3. I think they should just be done with it already and get rid of the the perpetual licences....it's obvious what's happening now. It is £1918.80 to upgrade a perpetual licence of R20 Studio purchased for £3200 in March 2019 here in the UK. I feel really poorly treated as a perpetual licence holder. I love C4D and have no intention of leaving C4D but this is really disappointing behaviour. I finally took the plunge at exactly the wrong time and now I can't join in the post R20 party without paying a heavy cost when compared to subscription holders. Last year I enquired about an upgrade
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