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  1. Assigning to the object seems to work! Thanks! So just to understand it better, SetDirty method basically declares the object's latest state and implies a redraw? Where would I call (in my setup) EventAdd and DrawViews then? Thanks!
  2. sorry, should've added the screenshot right away. By instant preview I mean c4d's own viewport, no external renderer, no IRR. However, the results remain the same as in the viewport when rendered. I've connected the same python code to 3 different objects: MoText works and swaps the mat in the viewport, but both Extrude and Sweep do so only after manual redraw (A). (sweep actually worked before, now it doesn't). thanks
  3. I am swapping between 2 materials with a checkbox through a simple python/xpresso setup. Everything works fine with instant preview except when applied to certain generator objects. Sweep works but Extrude, Lathe and Loft require a forced redraw (A) to display any effects. I tried adding a c4d.EventAdd() or c4d.DrawViews() after the function but it doesn't seem to have any effect. What's the difference between the way they are rendered and how can I make it work? thanks!
  4. oh man, i knew there would be some detail of this sort. haha. thanks a lot. I totally disregarded main as a function itself! thanks again.
  5. Hi, I've got a rather fundamental question... is it not possible to change a global variable from inside of a function in C4D? Thanks!
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