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  1. Hi guys - thanks for your quick replies! See attached for color mapping settings! Thanks a lot
  2. Hi guys, Im looking for some help with the linear workflow / gamma / vray. When I try to render out an image with Vray Multi pass (post effects) on - the image gets really bleached out. When it's off - the image gets back to normal. I have found online that I can uncheck the Linear workflow in c4d settings but then that changes completely the colours/saturation, etc. See images attached for the difference! What is the ideal combination/solution to avoid this situation as I don't seem to find this online. Thanks for your help Pierre
  3. Hi rfanoni! Thanks for your help. What I get is not too bad - I had to adjust the IOR to something around 40 to get good reflections. However I find it quite hard to play with the colours and the gradient (the fresnel feature seems quite limited?) as well as the rougher look of the inspiration images I posted. Any tips on how I can improve this? Thanks Pierre
  4. Hi guys, Working a project atm that requires materials like iridescent metal as well as some quite specific effects on glass. See image below. Struggling mostly with the iridescent copper/metal - any idea of a Vray feature that would do this easily? Any tips or any other routes I could explore? Thanks a lot for your help!! Pierre
  5. Thanks for your quick reply! File attached Thank you for your help Archive.zip
  6. Hi guys, I've found a tutorial to create a leather texture on the web and when I try to apply it to a material this is what I get in the viewport... The projection mapping is on UVW mapping and something around 10% to match the size of the leather grain... This is an issue I have with some materials but not all of them - could anyone explain where this comes from and how I can get solve the issue? Thanks
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