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  1. Blender is a good software but we have 2 blender users in the team and we will likely all swap to cinema mostly. blender is still free and you can always do something you cant do in cinema if you need. The biggest drawback in cinema for us is the lack of Multi UV editing and relying on a script for face weighted normals and such things (and bad booleans) Working with a modeller on Blender who has always used it, I noticed that it also has a lot of downsides like cinema or any software. Some things you think are given in cinema seem like a godsend in blender. If you want to use a cylinder in blender, then change the amount of sides - you do that once, then its editable when you move it once. You cant stay with primitives and just change their size later without making them editable. Things like arrays are not easily done. These are things where I think "***" - but it also has a lot of upsides clearly. It does feel as if some things are just not possible to do in cinema, but in the last years the gap has closed noticeably and cinema has really gained its own big advantages. So is the other side of the grass greener? Id say definitely no. Its up and downs. Volume builder and fields are a game changer on cinema for us. Cinema has a great hierarchy and makes it easy to change things down the road. Non destructive workflows are really second only to Houdini I would say. Also the cinema UI is the best, making it very easy for me to make a easy to use workspace for the team getting everyone on track fast, while Blender has the worst usability of all 3D apps still, which is the mayor drawback of it. If only cinema had a little more care for realtime. Realtime clearly is the future, and game dev is a big market. If anyone from C4D is reading this, give us multi UV, split phong by UV islands, face weighted normals workflow options and cinema could be amazing for gamedev and any realtime art.
  2. Hey again I use a QWERTZ European layout, its on the left side of the 1, this should be the standard in germany, luxemburg, Austria Switzerland maybe I assume. The key has ^^ and ° on it with shift. Its a bit wierd, the Customize Commands only accepts a double "^"~"^" because that keyboard key is somehow strange in that it only puts out symbols when pressing twice, even here in the forums. Maybe thats hard coded to the keyboards. If I manually edit my shortcuttables.res and remove one "^" it works when I press it twice in C4d. I think it requires 4 ^ presses when you put it in the customize commands with the button press I tested the volume export on S22. On S22 the export seemed to work OK, but merging down a volume builder stack took extremely long, far longer than before on R20/21 or the export selected object as - and seemed more like a lockup almost (6 Mio verts)
  3. Sometimes randomly (unless im in some strange mode I dont know about) the transforms seem to bug out. As you can see, my selection: A - No longer has a mouseover glow - so it dosnt show over which vertexes, edges and polygons I hover over with my selection B - The transform handles (XYZ) as seen in the gif, they do not move to my selection and always stay in the same position Occurrence: Sometimes Related: Maybe related to effect stacking - like boolean, probably Bevel modifier Importing the object into a new scene does solve the issue. I also noticed strange behavior relating to bevel modifiers with selections, maybe this is related Sometimes I had to turn off the bevel modifier for selections (or object selection?) to work as expected as they seemed to block certain selections of my object rather consistently - cant recall exactly. The XYZ pivot position is on the object pivot position (and position of parent symmetry and boolean objects) On another note, please work on reworking Booleans for the future of the modeling upgrades, they are very inconsistent and limited
  4. - Multi UV editing - Select Edges of UV islands (to create phong breaks for proper baking) - Volume builder performance Also I wish for this for so long - please allow us to have materials in a shared folder that can be accessed by all projects. Not like the content library but like a windows folder - or add a "auto update" function to the content library. With inheritance and changes changing all. Materials should just be in one folder and update. Just like in a game engine, or windows. its so superior. No 15 different rubber materials in 15 projects. Also C4D renderer wouldnt be half as bad if they had Tone Mapping.
  5. Hello, We are looking for someone who can assist with one multiple things, of course Paid: - 1. Fix a script for selecting UV islands by border to create phong breaks which works with S22 - 2. We have a budget for other art creation workflow improvements for our pipeline, just write if you think thats something you could assist with jobs@flowfiregames.com Best, S
  6. 21-22 the "^" hotkey does not work anymore since R21 If you enter it in the command manager, it only works in a double "^^" and if you use it, it often does not react even on double press. I used ^ 1 2 3 4 5 etc for commands and this one not working anymore hurts S22 - phong > normal tag > "Align Face to Vertex Normals" and "Align Vertex to Face Normals" both dont seem to work at all S22 - New Auto UV unwrap sometimes makes circular elements oval and skewed 21 (likely in S22 as well) - Exporting a FBX of a volume builder mesh can make the entire software freeze and displays strange numbers in the progress bar If you export a volume builder stack directly it takes a very long time and can freeze, while connect+delete one and exporting is much faster - please make this unnecessary and automatic on export - please look into exporting volume builder stacks in general - this seems unclean
  7. FPS numbers above 300 or so are not meaningful anymore and should never be compared I hope there will be more volume builder performance
  8. Hey, Here are some positives I reviewed the UV unwrapping and it seems to be surprisingly good I put a summary here: But I can repost it in the forum if people want But one cruxial thing that is missing is multi UV editing, this cripples everything still sadly - and selecting UV islands borders to create phong breaks would be very useful as all old scripts broke with R21

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