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  1. I was pretty shocked to see Maya and Max costing 170 per month, that is 3 cinema licenses. Shuddering imagining paying that for max. From our studio the only thing I noticed is that there is really no "greener grass", cinema definitely has a lot of strong upsides others can not match well right now but clearly a lot of weak sides as well. Maybe if you are an char animator or something very specialized then maya could be better but overall as package I heavily doubt it. There really is no best 3D app overall, far from it.
  2. Thankfully, I really rely on pipelt and that didnt work anymore Having a pipelt with rectangle spline would also be cool but I think I can hack that together myself with the existing
  3. Yes I already was suspecting a dissonance to be here as the intent was not very clear. I expected scene nodes to be an attack on parametric workflows and further establishing C4D somewhere in between houdini and all the more traditional others. But maybe MAXON see this more as a side benefit of simply reworking the core architecture within the new data driven structure, then maybe this is really undersold and should be made much more of a big deal imo.
  4. Copying from my post - here are some good examples of highly useful things I can't speak for animation and mograph but this is certainly the type of stuff that is highly desired in tons of 3D environments and I always see asked for: - Pipe Builder with Unwrapping - Cable & Post connection Builder - Shelf Builder - Skyscraper Builder - Road Builder with Signs - Rock Builder with lowpoly > voxel > unwrap > bake > lods - Spline River Generator with stones and Flow maps generated - Biome Builder - controlled asset placements based
  5. I had a surface level look at scene nodes but then digged into the past material nodes again and want to share some thoughts, not so much about the functionality but the implications of the prioritized things. Maybe I am confused about some things but I think this post is very valuable regardless and contains things I thought about some time and as the C4D team seems to be listening Ill put up the effort. Scene Node & Material Node first thoughts: - First things I searched were UV, blur and curvature nodes, then normal - Right now there is no UV unwr
  6. Here are both control panels. And I forgot; Here is an image of 10000 Poly mesh from cinema without Support Splines: Notably does C4D trade blows much better at this resolution even without the support spline. + Results on an armored character I put into volume builder strongly mirror the vehicle test conclusions. I also noticed that adding a shrink wrap to the final mesh pointing towards the original can make results slightly better. Ext
  7. I probably rated it too quickly. We tested it on some ideal remesher cases and there it did perform well. Remesher comparison: Input mesh: Worst case scenario: - sharp hard surface with many thin elements and stuff pointing outwards (thrown in volume builder) 2000 Polygons: C4D (Blue) - 5 seconds +- Exoside (Red) - 3 minutes +- (thought it froze the first 3 times but it actually is just very slow - Edit: its not that slow on other models, must have an issue with the mesh geo in some way) The
  8. Only commenting on the things I used. Scene nodes look promising (haven't tested), but more importantly again show a strong vision for the future. I also comment on the general outlook, MyMaxon and the pricing on the bottom. Feedback on new UV workflow: It is definitely a huge step forwards but it seems like in beta still. There are many bugs and broken tools right now. This includes S22 but in general there is still a clunkyness that could be easily solved, mostly by fixing the broken not working selections. The new S22 auto unwrapper is mind blowing in so
  9. Im looking for this as well. To bake normal maps you should have your phong splits where your UV splits are and its painful doing it by hand. You can get the island border with a loop selection but would have to get all manually. Anyone got a clue? Here is the old script we extended from someone else to create phong splits based on UV splits, this still works on R20 but no longer with the new UV tools and modeling core. Maybe someone can fix this or rip the selection out. Ill offer 300$ cash over paypal for the guy fixing this script with the newer versions
  10. Very cool, finally multi UV, so it was worth to complain on all channels ; P So big for the workflow. And nice other UV features as well. Didnt expect the nodes to appear so soon. I hope they don't forget the UVs in the node system. Now all I need is to find someone who can make a face weighted normals tool based on angle against payment and I'm set.
  11. Remember you can also bake down objects externally. This is kinda unheard in cinema circles and has a strong learning curve but highpoly to lowpoly baking is the bread and butter of gamedev and other workflows as well. So you can make a highpoly and bake it down to a lowpoly with Marmoset Toolbag and then have a WAY more performant model than you ever could otherwise. As you can see in my first video about welding seams, the Oil Pump was baked down and looked very highpoly as with hundreds of thousands of polygons but was extremely lowpoly, like 3000 or something. This is a lot of effort but s
  12. DamageExample.c4d Heres a scene file with both examples but its very fast to setup
  13. Hey hey I recently saw someone finding a way to do this in Houdini, which sparked my interest again of trying to solve the issue and I think I figured it out now and its surprisingly easy. Anyone who is doing a lot of texturing knows that edge definition is the key for realistic models. The Same does count for the models themselves. People usually sculpt this with a lot of manual labor. Now its very easy to add noise to your objects with volume builder to get some smooth edges and cool details but this is always on your entire mesh. So how do we get damage on
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