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  1. My dear artist friends is it possible to use the structure of a blender node material and swap it in the cinema4d node material editor? I basically like to use some dds Materials and put it on a 3d spaceship model. Thanks
  2. hi Dan based on your explonation i cud put togetter the skelet and the skin without loosing the dance mothion capture. Thank you very much! :-)
  3. hi Dan Thank you for your answer I will try it, like you describe it to me. The problem on my project is, that I like to use the motion capture animation’s from Mixamo. But Mixamo Don’t allows to upload already rigged character. And then auto-Rigg from Mixamo havemake this ode bone structures off the arms. I had downloaded the T pose of the character but, my main problem is the tail. But with your description I am hopefully one step further If I can’t get the whole stuff working. I would be glad about a video. Sincerely Alex
  4. I try to manipulate the joint and weight structure of a Mixamo riggt character. I Modeled a Dinosaur Character and uploaded it to Mixamo to use one of the funny animations from the Mixamo library. On Mixamo are only human characters available but I like to use my dinosaur. My Idea was to built the joints off the tail in c4d and include it in the already existing rigg structure. I found a good tutorial from “demafleez” on youtube that explained how to include new joins and weight in a already existing joins structure and draw additional weights on the new joins.
  5. Hi Jed Wow you are awesome! Thank you for this xpresso script! That’s exactly what I tried to achieve!
  6. Hi bezo Thank you for your answer and your suggestions. You are right, the most obvious solution did not occur to me!
  7. is it possible to control/change the color of various Lights as one? I have a scene of a space station with a lot of lights (Light Objects, Volumetric Light) now I like to be able to change the color of all light with one command so I don’t have to click every Light and change the color of it individually. I tried it with xpresso but it didn’t work. I tried set driver/set driven but this function seems not to work for the Color of Light. Thanks for all the help _Brom_
  8. Hi i'm Brom, I use Cinema4D sins many years for my work as member of various propaganda department in alliances from the game EVE ONLINE. I have made a basic class for Cinema4D users. The rest of my knowledge I have from YouTube and forms like C4D Cofe, I use R20 together with various Plugins from Greyscalegorilla.
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