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  1. So: I didn't include this object in the first project file as I thought the problems are the same, turns out they are not. I also have a pedestal in the middle of rock field (modelled cube with Voroni Fracture). Two problems seem to randomly appear (Im sure they are not random though...) 1. : If the pedestal is set to "on collision", with the rock dynamics enabled they sphere hits the pedestal but most of the times leaves the top bit untouched. 2.: If I delete the floating rocks from the project and don't change anything, the sphere doesn't touch the rock at all. 3.: If is set the pedestal to immediately if slowly drifts appart (I assume because there are no connectors and the gravity is 0?) I followed your advice and it looks like the cube I used to generate the rocks, originating in the middle of the pedestal has a bounding box (not sure if that interferes with the pedestal dynamics) I would also like to adda floor to the scene so the pieces (after being hit by the sphere) bounce of the floor but that caused my pedestal to break apart immediately. Yesterday sometimes the pedestal would just explode, regardless on what setting it is on. Thanks for your time and I appreciate all your help! Attached the project file with the pedestal. ExplosionStonesAndPedestel.c4d EDIT: It seems to have something to do with the animation of the sphere (only the radius is animated) -> Having the pedestal set to on collision implies that something has to be moving, does c4d see the animation of the radius not as movement as the object itself stands still? It works if I animate the sphere*s Ya-Axes coordinates.
  2. Follow up question: why does the simulation not work set at "on collision"?
  3. Hi Fritz, hi Havealot, thank you so much, that indeed did the trick! And as usual, two clicks away.. Thanks guys! Regards
  4. Thanks Dan! I’m sure I will too and will do my best to help
  5. Hi Guys, I hope you're all well! I'm new to the forum. I have a fairly simple scene set-up with a very frustrating problem: I want to create an area of stones floating in the air, then (at frame 500) the stones are being blasted away by some sort of shockwave. For the stones I used a cube with voroni-fracture, a push apart and a random effector to give some movement. For the blast I took this as reference: So a sphere with expanding radius in the middle of the stone field. Collider body tag on the sphere, Rigid Body Tag on the Voroni. In the general settings I've put the gravity to 0 so the stones won't instantly fall down. Problem: In the viewport the dynamics look fine (most of the times, when rigid body put to immediately) but when I either render the dynamics, bake it or put the rigid tag to "on collision", the sphere only hits a very small amount of floating stones. 90% of the stones are not being effected at all. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance! ExplosionStones.c4d
  6. Hi Guys, my name is Florian, I am a new member to c4dCaffe! I did a BA in Practical Filmmaking and a MA in Directing, so not CGI related but I've always been interested in the topic and have been teaching myself the basics of C4D. I also formed a production company aimed at commercials and short-films - one of the things I want to be able to offer are CGI renders so I want to always keep learning new things. Stay safe!
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