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  1. Im no really in a position to buy a pc :S I guess i just try on this laptop and hope i get better in the future small steps can lead to big changes Il try to change colors or something idk ... Is there a render engine that does not eat that much of specifications ? Thanks in advance
  2. Yeah i was in a hurry so i just took a picture and sent it here trought my phone I set frame rate and fps to 25 . I used forester plugin for the tre and set a octane material emission(followed a tutorial for glow on yt). Its rendering really slow as u can see 9-12 min a frame :S And its a simple project only a tree and a lightbulb. I was palning to start an architecture like house project with realistic materials but i dont knwo if i need that of a beter computer or i can render on my laptop . Is there a faster way to render bcs if i do somethin more complex its gona take forever...I used octane render here. My idea was to make a growing tree in a lightbulb and as it grows the leaves turn blue/ purple (emissive materials octane) and as the picture shows it stoped when the leaves began to grow soo here are my laptop specs and thanks in advance Intel Core i7-2640M @ 2.80GHz / NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M
  3. Ive been using cienma 4d for about 4 days now. Did my first animation ever and started rendering. Everythin went okay after 44 frames (all frames 83).The last frame is a black picture. I rendered in psd as i checked a tip online.Its a simple animatin but i takes long becaus i dont have a good laptop i guess. Soo teah im a begginer in this so and tips on rendering are great
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