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  1. Hey! so I finally made it through the first part of the plan BUT I´m confused now with the subdivision which I apply in polygon modeling and the subdivide in sculpting. When I only put the base mesh in sculpting without the subdivision and weights on, the sharp line which I made became not sharp should I place in sculpting mesh with subdivison surface and subdivide on level zero in sculpting then? This project seems to be never ending story for me
  2. Wooow! Can´t wait to try it tomorrow! But do you think it is possible for a beginner to sculp something on laptop with mouse ? I will see I guess
  3. YES!! the simpler version could work. I have already planned to do some details afterwards while postprocessing and "cut" into the mask after printing. But I´m not sure if I will be able to do some of the details afterwards. Anyway thanks a lot! I will try to make the geometry better for the main details as on the second photo and will see how it will look! I think I will still try to incorporate a little of the small details BUT just a little bit and see how it will look Btw I was into polygon modeling from the start and it´s a pity, because this kind of model would benefit from sculpting. I actually had access to the really good graphic tablets with special pen for this at my uni but not now so I will try to make it somehow good Also need to try maybe another way of hard surface modeling, or do you think beveling and pushing is still good idea in this case?
  4. Yes! It has to look goof Thank you!! I really appreciate your time.
  5. I shouldn´t have said plain sorry.... well I need the details so it is more realistic looking thats the problem, the model without detail looked decent with subdivision even though the geometry is horrible. The size of this model is enough to fit my head, so I can wear it, about 17cm wide amd 20 cm long
  6. Yes I will paint it and etc afterwards. I just need "plain" model which I would than posprocess.
  7. Thank you, for your answear! It is ONLY for printing, so in that case do you think I could somehow still use the left one? I will look into the HB Modelling bundle definitely.
  8. Hello! I made a black panther helmet. Well, I thought I did it. I was new to this then, so I don´t know why I applyed subdivison in the end of the process of modeling. But I did. Sad story. Also the "wakanda details" aren´t as good as it could be. Can you suggest any other way than manually cut detail and then bevel so it has 3 cuts and then push the middle cut inside helmet? Also to subdivison, I tryed the weight so the details are not ruined as much, but they are so connected and there is plenty of it so it looks even worse. I want to print it but it would look RIDICULOUS without the smooth effect subdivison gives. PLEASE HELP. I tryed my best but I think I need to redo, it because there is no way back.
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