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  1. Hello, During past few hours I've been trying to force the ExplosiaFX's smoke to inherit colour of particles which are acting as fuel carriers inside the simulation "domain" - with no result Now I'm about to give up because the only hint that I've found online (on Insydium YT channel) is how to make xParticles inherit the colour of smoke simulation (using advection) which is obviously the opposite action. I assume that solution for my problem is hidden somewhere in Cycles 4D materials rather than in the simulation settings itself... but I may be wrong. If anyone could help, I would be very grateful
  2. Thank you soooo much, I haven't even imagined that someone will answer my post THAT quickly And of course now my effector works as I wanted it to.
  3. Hello, at the beginning, I'd like to apologize if this topic is not in the right place or something, but I'm totally new to this forum as well as to Cinema. My problem is the "Delay" effector in mograph. I've been trying to set up simple MoText animation in which the shatterd word is coming together and connecting over time with some fancy wobble/spring effect happening after each letter comes together. Every effector is working as expected except the delay. I've tried multiple things including changing the position of delay in the list of effectors of the fracture . I have no more ideas left because I watched multiple YT tutorials refering to the use of delay effector in such things but none of them worked for me. Please help... polygons.c4d
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