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  1. Hi, Is there a way of activating a cloners dynamics settings using fields / effectors? I’m looking to use an inheritance effector / matrix with a linear field to ‘morph’ clones from one position to another, but for dynamics to stop the clones intersecting during the animation. If anyone has any tips or advice on how to do this, that would be really helpful. Thanks :)
  2. Thanks - have been trying a little of that as I go a long to try to troubleshoot things. Have a feeling its the glass material on the chandeliers that is causing the issues!
  3. Thanks for the advice - much appreciated. I have tried cloning area lights onto the geometry - resulting in about 80 lights - which does indeed appear to slow the render up massively. I'm now trying adding an incandescent material to this geometry (giving the appearance of there being lights), while lighting the room with a huge area light in the ceiling. This seems to be much faster to render ... My next challenge is how to create a series of 'chandeliers' (not my idea - this is some architectural visualisation that needs to be accurate!) - essentially thousands of glass spheres suspended from the ceiling, each with a light inside (which can be randomly switched on or off) - ideas on that welcome too!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some advice about lighting a large interior scene using Redshift. I have an architectural model of a room which is lit entirely by artificial light (no natural light) - think a large sports hall with a large number of small overhead lights. I have set this up some lighting using a cloner and a grid of small area lights - however this seems to take a long time to render / preview in the IPR & I am not sure this is the most efficient method. I ultimately have to render animated sequences of this scene so am looking to light this in the most efficient way in terms of render time. Can anyone recommend anything I can do to make this scene more efficient in this regard? (Or even recommend more active forums for discussing C4D & Redshift - as much as I love C4D Cafe!). Thanks for your time
  5. Hi, I am looking to convert a series of several hundred separate objects in a single scene so that each object is a single point / null (so I can then clone onto these points). Can anyone suggest any tips on how to do this? Essentially I want to select hundreds of objects simultaneously and convert them to nulls at the original objects axis point. Any help would be great! Thanks
  6. Sure - that's looking pretty decent Are you 'squaring' up on the individual panels first, then doing a 'fit to region' to get a general fit, before tweaking?
  7. Thanks for the advice - very helpful. I think I'm going to have to UV this properly to get the results I am after though .
  8. Hi, I'm trying to texture a soccer ball (specifically and Adidas Tango) - but am struggling to place the graphics correctly on the panels. I've uploaded my progress so far, but if anyone can help with some advice on how to place the graphic accurately, that would be great. I'm currently using a cubic projection and having to adjust the material placement on each panel manually, which is giving me some strange results. Any tips would be great, Thanks Adidas_tango_soccer_ball.zip
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