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  1. I am trying to achieve something like this: A cutout sphere with liquid simulation pouring down from a part of its surface. I am having a lot of trouble with simulating dripping liquid. I've tried numerous methods with no good result. From everything I tried so far, it seems like if there is a way to pull this off without plugins, it most likely involves soft body dynamics + some mograph. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar before? For reference, I am attaching my scene below with some fragments of my latest attempt. https://we.tl/t-AgAiGcuHqx Looking forward to receiving any tips on how to hack this.
  2. tried that too with no luck. thanks though!
  3. Hm. It looks fine on your machine indeed, but I still get the transperency on mine. It is probably some R20 bug. Thank you for collaborating!
  4. Hi, guys. Thanks a lot for the quick replies! I've stripped down my scene to just the character, hair and lights. I've removed all other objects and materials. Here's a link: https://we.tl/t-krYJqkuFOx The characters are not in a glass box. And as I've mentioned before, I ran a test on a completely new scene with just a sphere, a new black hair material and some lights and I got the same result. I've put hair light tag on my lights and I got the same bug. So I also tend to believe it is most likely some Cinema R20 issue.
  5. Hi there! I'm fairly new to Cinema and C4D Cafe has been of tremendous help for a lot of issues I've encountered throughout my learning, so thank you for the wonderful community! And now the time has finally come for me to join the forum and post a question myself. My scene involves a dark-haired character. For some reason, when I render the scene with Standard Renderer, the hair is transperent (screenshot of render region below). When I render it with physical render, it renders fine. However, as my scene is quite complex (two rigged and animated characters, hair with dynamics, lights and camera animation + caustics + cloth simulation), I definitely do not want to render in physical as this would be infinite I spent plenty of time troubleshooting and tried everything I could think of: I played around with the hair material, lights and render settings and the problem persists. I also made an entirely new scene with just a sphere, a light and hair material and the problem appeared again, so it must be some Cinema bug. The interesting finding I made is that the problem occurs in dark hair specifically. If I change the hair material to brighter colours, it works better. The only workaround I've thought about for now is to change the hair to flat/cubic/triangles, as it stops being transperent when I do so. However, that ruins the styling of the hair, so I am leaving it as a last resort solution. So I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before and if you have any suggestions? Any insider tips on optimising render time for scenes with hair are also very welcome. My project + files are 8GB size in total, so I thought this would be too large to share on here. If anyone happens to want an 8GB file on their computer, I can share that with you too. Otherwise screenshot of general set-up of the scene + close-up on hair can be seen below. Thanks in advance!

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