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  1. Wow, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks for your help! I guess thread can be now marked as resolved/closed!
  2. When you apply small texture to big object, how could I define pixel size instead of blurring texture? Like if it's a pixelart texture
  3. @Cerbera, tutorial you mentioned is perfectly fit for my project, thanks! But, there's one thing, any ideas how can I make texture's pixel size limited (probably incorrect description). For example I want to set material sample one pixel of image into 10cm^2 area with hard edges?
  4. Thanks for mentioning tutorial, I'll look into it, and see if its applicable!
  5. Could you please describe more about this approach? Only aesthetically reasons, basically I want it to be like in screenshot above (field filled with square polygons with randomized offsets and each with color corresponding to reference image), I may be incorrect calling it particles (?).
  6. Hello everyone! I have multi layered vector image (SVG, but I can render it into raster PNG in case). I'd like to make field of particles with slight random offset out of each layer, so, like if any rater pixel would be separated and pushed apart. For current approach I tried to use XPresso and apply color using bitmap lookup, but it's kinda tricky and very slow to edit/update/render. Any suggestions about more correct way to do such? Actually there's video inspired be to do such: time - 1:09 P.S. for attached file I use only raster image for now, to test it. Particles.7z
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