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  1. Yeh sorry i get that i wasn't clear enough. I just mean : changing the roughness doesn't seem to chaneg much (see pic) Don't you think ?
  2. 1st things 1st : when i decrease the roughness in the specular, it doesn't seems to change much ? You would like reflection in the lid right ? We are talking about that, right : ?
  3. Thanks. I think i'll need to read and re read you post to undesrtand it well and be able to know what to do…as it's pretty much technical to me Just reacting to the package size : i have the same impression here, but i found some good frontal photo of the pack, and i've drown the pack using this as a ref to illustrator before importing to c4d. So i THINK the size is more or less ok and thats the lens that using the photograph in this shoot that make it look 'compressed' ?. Anyway that the easiest thing to correct…
  4. Hey. As a training, i'm tryin to mimic a studio photo packaging in 3D, here it is : I'm learning C4D + Arnold from zero. After some tutorials, here is where i'm at : I would like to know how to push realism further (the light is softer, textures… ?) Any help appreciated. Be kind
  5. Hey i'm a graphic designer / AD from france since… 20 years maybe ! I'm tryin to learn 3d since some time now, i got my hand on sketchup first and some renderer (Maxwell then Indigo) now i'm tryin to learn C4D with Arnold. I'm searching a community here to share some renders and get advices to become better… I'm still a starter in 3D. My goal is to use 3D as a studio photographic tool (packaging, objects realsitic renders first… Maybe interior architectural renders later…) See you
  6. Hey Trying to learn c4d and vray, i'm tryon to modelise a comsetic jar and make some stduio renders… I'm stuck here because i applied some plastic textures to my objects, and some metalic texture i need to mask to emulate the graphics on the jar (wich are hotfoil or screen printing i think). Anyway i found a way to make a mask on my texture but i can't see the resultat on the scene wich make very difficult to adjust. In fact i have 2 problems : - moving the texture with the texture tool of C4D doesn't make any effet : the mask don't move. AND i can't see the mask i
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