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  1. Hi! Is my first time rendering hair and I have a problem. I used standard hair settings according to Arnold's manual (https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AFCUG/Standard+Hair), and it looks fine in the IPR window, but when I render to pictureviewer, there is a weird blue bar showing up. I turned off some lights to see if it was a reflection, but it stays there. I changed the base colour, and it makes no difference. I have no tints on the hair. Anyone knows what this could be? Thanks!
  2. Hi @Cerbera, thanks for your answer. Thats really weird, I am on a pc too, and also working with c4d 21.207. Maybe I need to reinstall the program again. Just one quick thing I didnt mention: the object is supposed to go back to a torus (no wrinkles no inflation). In my pc, when you click play, the inflated torus becomes even more inflated. Does that happen in your computer too? This is the tutorial I used, in which the torus inflates, and when you go back to 0 it becomes a torus again (no inflation) Thanks1
  3. @Cerbera I have just attached the file to the post. Any idea on why it happens? Thanks
  4. Hi! I'm new to c4d and I am having some trouble using soft body dynamics. I changed some parameters of the soft body dynamics tag (pressure, volume conservation, stiffness, etc) and I added a vertex map, and they work when you click play, but when you go back to the beginning of the timeline, the object doesn't go back to normal. That means, the object stays inflated in keyframe 0. If I change the parameters again, lets say, increasing the pressure even more, and click play, the objects inflates even more, but the starting point is an object that was already inflated, not the original one I created. If I delete the soft body tag, the object stays inflated. Anyone has been through this problem? Thanks guys! Objects_experiment_2.c4d
  5. Thanks Cerbera! I am new to this so I have all sorts of basic questions
  6. Hi, I am new to cinema and I have a question. Does anyone know why the material tag is missing in the drop-down menu? How can i fix it? Not sure is relevant, but I use Arnold renderer. Thanks!
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