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  1. Well, I'd like to share my progress with this topic to thanks one more time Cerbera & in case that the information might be useful for others. The way that has worked for me was: 1 - Create a flat mesh/ plane with all the geometry, trying to respect the edge flows, distances, ... (I assume the topology can be improved) 2 - Apply and SDS with level 1 of subdivision 3 - Create the bottle applying a Spline Wrap 4 - Once I have the cylinder, select all the words polygons, extrude and apply supporting edges.
  2. Wow, I have to say it. It so nice not only to find fast answer to my question but to see a truly implication. In fact, now that I know the main problem was the topology I've start to improve it and get better results. Well, I'm gonna need some time to re-study my modeling technique and what I can change to improve my topology, but I'll try to share the final result once I get a decent bottle. Thanks again for your advice and these ideas.
  3. Yes ! I have HB Modeling plugin, but to be honest: 1 - I've never learn to use it properly. I had so many issues trying to make "points to circle" work 2 - I like modeling. I've been modeling in C4D for 2 years & I want to learn to do it nicely. And I have the feeling use plug-ins it's like take the shortcuts that makes you never learn... About the option you comment of create the mesh with splines... I'm worried about creating the rest of the object. Cause the great problem is this cylinder with the "212", but then I would have to close the bottom and
  4. Well, I'm not sure if the size of the image makes a wrong impression, but there is no triangles, just quads on my mesh. For the other things is true, I have to work on the mesh to get something more regular. But now at least I know the problem is the mesh and not the approach or technique, so thanks a lot !
  5. Mmm, ok. I understand. I'm gonna try to subdivide the mesh before use the Spline warp/Bend. Anyway, I share here some images of my process cause I'm pretty sure the topology I've made for the numbers is not the best...
  6. Thank you for your reply Cerbera, In fact, this is more or less the second way I've describe. I'm not sure why it's better use Spline Wrap or Wrap Deformer either Blend, but I'm gonna try this way and share an image with the final topology. Thanks.
  7. As personal work to improve my modeling skills I've been trying to model the cylindrical bottle of the image. You can forget the naming in the lower part, I'm just interested on the cylinder and the number 212 on this, cause the bottle is like a cylinder who has this numbers "extrude" on it. Then would be the numbers in blue, but this would be another mesh. My point is that I have to create a cylinder who has this number on it to extrude the shape, but the rest of the cylinder has to remain perfect, with no artifacts or deformations. For now I've tried: - Mo


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