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  1. Can't belive i finaly got some time for 3D again. I think it's about 4 months since i last startet up C4D. Hope i remember it all! :)

  2. Thinking about all the people that died in Norway yesterday, They say more than 80 are dead now. :(

    1. 3DKiwi


      Big news here as I'm sure it is everywhere. Terrible and utterly pointless waste of life.

  3. Going to see the new Trasformers movie tonight! :)

  4. YES!!!! Just got my new 46" led tv! :)

  5. FINALY i can get back here! :) Been way to busy at work for a long time. Really missed this place and doing some 3D. Off to see what i missed. Happy Easter everyone!

  6. WOOHOO!! Just got my PS3 today and GT 5. :)

    1. 3DKiwi


      We'll see you back in here in about a week then!! Have fun

    2. Longone


      Thanks Nigel! I think you might be right. It's sooooo much fun!! :)

  7. Weeee. Man we are getting a lot of snow at the moment. :)

  8. Dang. They say we could get 10 cm (4 inches) of snow today. :)

  9. Working on version 2 of the Tron Legacy car/buggy thingy

  10. Weeeee. The first snow is falling right now. :)

  11. Cangrats to him. Enjoy the movie. It's pretty cool!! :)

  12. Dang it's hot here today!! Between 28 and 31 degrees C. :-/

    1. 3DKiwi


      Time for a another log on the fire here in New Zealand :)

  13. Woohoo. Just got My New phone. HTC Desire. NICE! :)

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