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  1. Ah, ok. they don't have the same point order, that's where I thought VAMP could help by using the 'nearest' feature. Oh well, looks like I'm adding the weights manually then, there's some wrist twist weighting so I'm pretty sure I'm going to be looking at some deformation that I will have to paint and smooth.
  2. Hi Dan Yes, I'm using VAMP. Basically I have a boy character with a tight(ish) long-sleeve t-shirt that I've converted from a t-shirt . I have a really successful weight map on the character's body and would like to transfer only the forearm portion of the body weight map on to the weight map of the long-sleeve t-shirt. I've tried using VAMP's 'Selection Points' and 'Selection Polygons' options with only the forearm part of the body selected but still the whole weight map transfers across.
  3. I can get the manager to transfer an entire weight map from one object to another but am struggling with transferring the weight of a selection of points / polygons — is this possible?
  4. Yes, funnily enough we just found this last night and were thinking of giving it a go. You've given me some food for thought now and we have a bit more time as we've decided to go with a simpler first stage launch then update with animation at a later stage. I will definitely be in touch at some point soon I've no doubt. Would you be interested in helping in an advisory capacity? i.e. We'd be happy to pay you for your help as it might get a bit complex
  5. Thanks so much, I was starting to think I was on my own with this one. I've had a post on the animation board for a few days and it's just tumbleweed. Will look into that then.
  6. Hi I'm working on a project that has a character rig and certain restrictions due to parts of it needing to be called by Three.js. I'm looking to talk to anyone who has experience outputting animated files from C4D to glTF. I'm happy to pay an hourly rate. DM or reply for more details.
  7. How do you rotate an object that is bound to a character rig? When I select an eyelid object, the rotation tool works but the object doesn't rotate. I want to animate the character and then every now and again rotate the eyelid into view so it blinks. This needs to be done via rigging, as I need to export to gltf and I'm finding skin animations export ok but not with morph animations also (so Pose Morph is out). Any help very gratefully recieved.
  8. Here's my latest attempt, if someone would be kind enough to take a look, and the gltf it exports. It's not weighted yet as I keep trying different things with the rig and got sick of weighting it every time. Archive.zip
  9. TLDR: I think the solution is to add a joint to an existing advanced biped rig so I can bind to it and rotate eyelids that way – I have searched for a long time and can't find how to do this. OK, so after another day and a half of wrangling, I can get the eyelids to blink well in a few different ways but none that are going to export in a usable way. My constraints in getting this model to blink as part of a rig, due to elements of the model being called by javascript, are: It has to be exported as gltf which has limits https://labs.MAXON.net/?p=3360 I am only allowed polygon objects named as follows: Body, Hair, Eyes My initial attempts included selecting polys of the body and doing PLA which worked fine until export. I've tried Pose Morph animations with only 'Points' checked as an option, both with and without a target to morph to – both look great until export – this is supposed to work according to the article above. I've just tried a combined eyelid / eye object (which isn't in the rig, but is psr constrained to it so I can rotate the whole eye quickly). That didn't work. Any help gratefully recieved, I'm sure this is probably child's play for some of you but as I'm new to rigging, it seems such a steep learning curve. I am learning a lot along the way though – thanks!
  10. Thanks Dan, I used a Pose Morph tag in the end and it works perfectly. However, I had to cut the eyelids from the body into a new polygon object in order to do it. Do you know of any way I can do it with them being part of the same object?
  11. I have a rigged character, which is one mesh including eyelids rotated into its head. Using controllers I have tilted the head and recorded a keyframe. Is it possible to select only the eyelid polygons and record them rotating (blinking) without having the eyelids as a separate object independently connected to the rig? Someone wants to call on the character object using javascript with a strict naming convention, so I can't really have the eyelids as a separate object.
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