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  1. Thank you very much, also I tried to place a thinking particle inside my object and I identify the object as Pdeflector. But this time the thinking particles move very straight, I couldn't curve the path of TP, I used curl noise Xpresso to move TP randomly, but this time my object didn't work as a deflector and quite a few particles escaped from my object.
  2. hi, I have a spongy object and I want to create a web effect by using tracer and changing matrix seed. But my problem is, the webs are formed all the surface of my object. How can I create a perforated web structure?
  3. yes I need to model it because I will animate the spaces. I think I need to improve my "thinking particle" skill
  4. Hi, i am using cinema 4d for 6 months, so I am still having trouble when modeling. I have a photo and I want to convert it to a polygon. I tried different ways adding hair object and alpha texture, but I couldn't make it properly. and the hair object is extremely slowing down my system. Anybody has an advise about how can I model this object?

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