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  1. Hello, I am using the physical render for my animations. But I can't attain photorealistic textures. Now I'll buy the x-particles and they have a discount for cycles 4d renderer. Due to fact that I am a Mac and AMD user, I can not use the redshift and octane renderer, so I can just render by using CPU. Do you advise to buy the cycles 4D? Or I have to wait for redshift and octane renderer updating for AMD graphic cards?
  2. I think it is enough, I have ever used the XP, but I think I need to purchase it. Do you have a .c4d file for examine how did you do it?
  3. actually, These are fibers and I will animate to upward and downward it so I need to be close a quite. Normally, I can make it by using alpha but it doesn't meet my demand. I tried a lot of way especially using TP and tracer. But I couldn't form an object like this
  4. What do you think about this object? can I make it by using volume builder? or I need to use TP and tracer?
  5. The patience you said come into play here, then.
  6. This is the final form but it is not enough
  7. and when I used the volume builder with shader field, the network lines are being formed very thick
  8. Which object should be selected? high poly cube or shader? In my opinion my computer is enough for this type of mesh When I make it by using the way what you said, there are not forming the spaces, just I attain a rough surface.
  9. Hello I want to make a perforated model. It is a fibrous tissue. I used thinking particles and tracer but I couldn't make it. Do you have any advise?
  10. Thank you very much, also I tried to place a thinking particle inside my object and I identify the object as Pdeflector. But this time the thinking particles move very straight, I couldn't curve the path of TP, I used curl noise Xpresso to move TP randomly, but this time my object didn't work as a deflector and quite a few particles escaped from my object.
  11. hi, I have a spongy object and I want to create a web effect by using tracer and changing matrix seed. But my problem is, the webs are formed all the surface of my object. How can I create a perforated web structure?
  12. yes I need to model it because I will animate the spaces. I think I need to improve my "thinking particle" skill
  13. Hi, i am using cinema 4d for 6 months, so I am still having trouble when modeling. I have a photo and I want to convert it to a polygon. I tried different ways adding hair object and alpha texture, but I couldn't make it properly. and the hair object is extremely slowing down my system. Anybody has an advise about how can I model this object?
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