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  1. Thanks for your tip regarding the Stage Object! I never heard of that one before This should actually enable playing automatically through different takes. Nonetheless, moving and cutting takes in the timeline would be a great UX simplification... Thanks again! keppn
  2. Hi Guys! Right now I'm working on a music video with a lot of different scenes; everything should also be very synced with the beat (movements, lights, etc.). So right now it's quite tedious to setup a scene, render a quick preview and then cut and edit the previews in Premiere; then go back to Cinema, find the right scene file, make some progress, render again etc. etc. etc. So I thought -- with 'just' some tweaks to the awesome Take-System, everything could happen inside C4D. Perhaps like in the attachment. You would specify a
  3. Okay, the solution is really embarrassing for me, but I'll post it anyway. I rigged the posemorph-tag with xpresso, to drive another posemorph via "set driver / set driven". This changed the appearance of the keyframe- circle to another icon, that I wasn't familiar with (see first screenshot) When trying to animate the pose-strength, I always did that with the first keyframe-circle in the row - but this one only animates the on/off-state of the pose, not the strength. The strength is controlled with the second keyframe-circle, and that
  4. Sorry, I just updated my profile. It's S22, latest version.
  5. Now I tried it with a completely new scene and just a cube - same problem. Or am I doing something stupid here? Onedrive-Link to Videograb: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj1X_oKI5eKkzLtUzCVW2KCoUbl4aA?e=N7aZEV
  6. For anyone willing to look into this, here is a Onedrive-Link with the original scene and a simplified scene, accompanied by a video showing the problem in each scene: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj1X_oKI5eKkzLppSm6rGLSFFDfdfQ?e=q6y1T4 The simplified scene is without mixamo, xpresso, etc. and shows the same problem: The keyframes of the posemorph don't 'stick', so the face does not animate, but only shows the last status. Super-Strange: *sometimes* it does work, when copying the simplified objects into a new scene and setting up the anima
  7. Hi! Hmf, I've got a similar setup and the same problem: 1. Rigged and animated character via mixamo 2. Added Posemorph for some simple face animation When setting up poses, everything works as expected. But in the final step, when keying the posemorph-sliders, the keys just don't "stick". The little circle in front of the slider also acts slghtly weird, not showing the outline/full color and red/yellow hints, it's just plain red the whole time. Anyone got an idea? I'm totally stuck...
  8. Thanks Dan, I was cracking on the same nut -- I would never have figured that out without your Mini-Tutorial! Thanks a lot!
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