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  1. Update: For this project an actual picture of this section of the filter worked perfectly. Feel like an idiot haha. You never look for the easy solutions first... But if anyone has any future thoughts on how to create a mesh texture within C4D, share the knowledge! Thank you
  2. I've attached a couple images of the filter, itself, that I'm modeling. The problem with a material is we need to be able to see the textures inside the filter. Maybe I could photoshop a material including the innards of this filter, then overlay the mesh and import it as a material. Or take a really precise picture. But we will be showing a pretty decent close up of the filter in a video so I'd like it to look photorealistic.
  3. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right spot for this post but: I need to design this filter that features a mesh, similar to a window screen. Obviously making this sort of object would be pretty simply achieved using a number of methods. My first move was a plane object along with an atom array, but in order to make the tight mesh required to match something like a window screen, I need 900 subdivisions in one direction and 500 or so in the other.... which is not CPU friendly and freezes my computer. What is the best way to build this window-like screen mesh, without taxing the computer so much?

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