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  1. Hello Dave, I don't know, because all of the character move (picture) and it's not suppose to move to all corner of the screen... make that on only 5 frame, and it's the other frame it's normal, the motion blur is good and after some frame the same things.... If you have an idea to fix this problem it's cool ahah
  2. I'm not sure to understand what u mean, I juste take a screenshot of my scene or u want the file .c4d ?
  3. Hello there, I've a problem with the standard renderer of C4D with motion blur, at the 20 frame my 3d character disappears. So I want to know how to resolve this problem. (with another renderer like corona it's not the same render my background disappears, and I can't have corona renderer bc I've an amd video card) So someone can help me ? Thanks !
  4. Alright, so you mean, I just change the color of shadow of the character, and the work on c4d is done ? I don't understand, I'm so sorry my english is so bad, but I'm so happy to discuss with you, because you help me to progress I love this ! How can I make it ? And for have more grain on my character is it on after effect ? Sorry I'm just getting started and I have a lot of questions to ask ahah !
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you mean https://youtu.be/ccDp9YLyzFI This is my video, I hope that more clear for you..
  6. I have a video, and I have a 3d character animated, I'm done. But the problem is the video is pixelizing but my character is very sharp compared with my video. So I want to know how I can pixelizing my character (maybe with the texture of it, or something else). Can you help me, now ?
  7. Hi guys ! I'm working on a project video and I have a problem, my 3D character have a better quality than my video, so I want to pixelize my 3D character for more realism. Can you help me please ? (Sorry for my english, I'm a french guys, I'm not the best for write in english :/)
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