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  1. Alright, so you mean, I just change the color of shadow of the character, and the work on c4d is done ? I don't understand, I'm so sorry my english is so bad, but I'm so happy to discuss with you, because you help me to progress I love this ! How can I make it ? And for have more grain on my character is it on after effect ? Sorry I'm just getting started and I have a lot of questions to ask ahah !
  2. I'm not sure I understand what you mean https://youtu.be/ccDp9YLyzFI This is my video, I hope that more clear for you..
  3. I have a video, and I have a 3d character animated, I'm done. But the problem is the video is pixelizing but my character is very sharp compared with my video. So I want to know how I can pixelizing my character (maybe with the texture of it, or something else). Can you help me, now ?
  4. Hi guys ! I'm working on a project video and I have a problem, my 3D character have a better quality than my video, so I want to pixelize my 3D character for more realism. Can you help me please ? (Sorry for my english, I'm a french guys, I'm not the best for write in english :/)

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