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  1. Another quick update on my progress. I've "completed" the model, for now at least as there are some areas I still would like to perfect, and am attempting to render it out. I've setup 3 PBR lights in a typical studio lighting setup along with an additional Overhead light. Are there some standard render settings you use for a product photography type of setup? I'm currently using the Physical Renderer along with Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination (Primary QMC, Secondary Irradiance Cache, Diffuse Depth 6 and Gamma 1.3). I've been watching YT videos on "best/re
  2. Thanks for the tip Adrien, I was able to get a much smoother surface once I followed the rest of Cerbera's and your advice. Here is what I have so far. I'm about to start on the trigger and I'm thinking starting with the disc is how I should approach this shape as well. I will keep posting until I have finalized this project (my first!). As usual, thanks to the both of you for your time.
  3. Here is what I was able to achieve with the guidance you provided yesterday in regards to starting with the disc. I didn't use the symmetry tool though, I simply extruded with caps. I do have to clean up some areas, especially near the bottom of the sprayer where it meets the sprayer base. I can see that it isn't as smooth as it should be and perhaps due to some of my line segment placement. I just saw the rest of your steps now and will re-attempt it to see if I can get it to be much smoother and cleaner. Is there such a thing as order of operation that you would normally follow?
  4. BRILLIANT! I would have never thought about starting with a disc! Thanks, I'm working through it now and hopefully by the time you're back on I have some progress made. I can't thank you enough.
  5. No worries at all, I'm just happy someone actually replied! haha Take your time.
  6. Thanks for your reply, your time and knowledge is GREATLY appreciated. So in what order would you proceed? I started with the cube and got it thin and long enough to match the width/length of my ref image. I then first tried to add the bezel to the back of the sprayer but realized I couldn't expand the bottom so I then widened the bottom first then tried the bezel. None of these approaches seemed to work for me, i'm sure i'm missing something simple? Your models look nice and clean, I hope to get there soon! This stuff is fun but SUPER tedious.
  7. Here is the reference IMG I'm trying to model. Having trouble keeping the wider bottom of the sprayer and also have the curved portion of the back of the sprayer. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm super new to 3D modeling and C4D. I'm trying to have the back end of the spray bottle curve but while keeping the wide bottom but as you can see the horizontal loop cut keeps sticking out. I can remove that one horizontal segment of the loop cut to achieve my curve but then it throws off the shape and gets super ugly when I subdivide it. I tried to add more loop cuts to straighten it out but it won't let me add the loop cut bc I'm assuming it needs 4 sides to complete it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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