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  1. Hello My question and my problem - I try to apply the "TEST" text as a displacement. The cube has 2 materials stacked - The first one as a base and the second one an alpha for the "TEST" text displacement. All good until this stage. 1. First screenshot - Displacement applied on Set selection without Arnold Tag 2. Second - Displacement applied on Set selection with Arnold Tag - 0 subs 3. Third - Displacement applied on Set selection with Arnold Tag - 6 subs My question - When you apply the Arnold tag to the object and set the subs number , it sets it for the whole object. So for example - a number of 6 makes the TEST text appear as I want let's say - but this number of 6 it's for the whole object. What can I do to apply the Arnold Tag only for the Set Selection polys? I'm quite a beginner so my apologies if this was a simple solution that I didn't see. Many thanks in advance. Cosmin
  2. Hello. I'm Cosmin. I'm from Bucharest ,Romania. Started my journey with Cinema around three months ago. Looking forward to learn new things always.
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