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  1. I have my SpiderMan model in .fbx format, i upload it to mixamo, rigged and animate it there, but when i export it to .fbx again it can't load, says that it is "Unreadable" in Cinema 4D and Blender. I can upload .dae but it has no animation. I tried other formats for example .obj to uplad on mixamo, then export, and still has same problem, i can see .fbx in 3D viewer but couldn't load in Cinema 4D or Blender. I am using Cinema 4D r17 and latest Blender from Steam. OS: Windows 10 Edit: I figured out that i should go File>Import>FBX then export the FBX again from Blender and would be able to open in Cinema 4D. but i still don't understand why i can't import directly after downloading file from Mixamo
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