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  1. Hey man, thanks for all your time and effort to help me! Never thought of using pose morph but thats a good idea! I already have the model like the one above, i'll wait now till you post the rest, thanks!
  2. Ok so im a newbie in this whole universe, im starting to learn 3d modelling and i know a few things like the volume builder, extrudes and bevels, spline modeling and a few other things, but if you could explain to me that would be great.
  3. Hi, thanks for taking some time to help me, currently im just using a cube to test some ideas, thats why i didnt included any file. My idea was to make an animation with the cube, turning him into a cardboard box and then pierce it with a pen, just like the image that i left. My problem is that i dont know how to achieve those edges animations, like how can i make the box being perfect and then perfurated? If you could help me or just give me some headlines i would be very grateful for that!
  4. Hi, so i've been trying to make a hole in a box. I've tried to use a voronoi fracture and then applied a bend deformer so that i could bend each side, leaving a hole in the middle but nothing worked out. I dont know what else to do to achieve this kinda effect, i just wanted a hole in one side of the box and the edges of that hole bended towards the outer side. Its to simulate something piercing through the box. If someone could help me, i would be very thankful and happy Thanks.
  5. YES! Thats what i wanted! Thank you so much jed, i've learn something new!
  6. Hi, i've been learning c4d recently and i was trying to make a box open when an object goes up Basicly what the image shows, but i cant figure out how to do it! I'm not animating the rotation by hand, because i wanted a real look of a box opening and the flaps hitting the box and stop gradually. Thanks in advance and sorry for my paint skills ahah


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