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  1. I'll do this next time I post. I figured out how to do it with volume builder! Thanks again
  2. Ok, Ill look up a guide for these tools then. I cant share scenes or objects since theyre made for a 3rd party. Thank you for the help though!
  3. I've seen people do it with metaball before but I cant find the same tutorials and nothing I find is exactly what I want. My goal is to merge to objects together and instead of getting a hard line at the connection, I want it to connect seamlessly. I believe metaball or volume builder would be best but they've both gotten the better of me at this point. any tips appreciated!
  4. You are a god sent! super easy to follow your directions and it all worked perfectly. Ive used splines a lot but this was a new one for me. thanks for the help!
  5. Hello, Im looking to make a bathtub drain/overflow chain. I've attached an image to show what my end goal is. can anyone link a tutorial if you know of one or give a step by step on adding these spheres to a spline?
  6. I cant share my scenes at all due to an agreement with companies I produce images for, but I did find the solution. I deleted my Preferences folder and restarted the program. everything is fine now! though idk what I did originally to cause this.
  7. Yes, I've tried it all. right now im using H S and O to get as close as I can lol
  8. As is says. I try to scroll closer to the selected object and it lets me get maybe 3-6 meters away and I cant scroll closer to it. Objects do not disappear.
  9. When I try to scroll close to an object I can only get so close then it wont let me scroll any closer, I've tried it with both the top right hand tools on the viewport and my mouse. Has anyone run into this issue?
  10. I found my answer! Its a .GTFL file! Thanks for the help!
  11. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/polygon-city-pack-preview-5a16f543d1054fbc9ce1cb17a2ba412e What I actually want is what the above link takes you to.
  12. Hello, I'm wanting to create one of those images that you can click and drag 360 around an object with your mouse. I don't even know what to call these types of images, everything I've tried has brought up the wrong results. Does anyone know what these types of images are called and maybe link a tutorial for it if you are aware of one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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