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  1. I have stuck with R21 and honestly wish I still had R18. R18 had a third party plugin that allowed .MTL files to upload with models. But I've never had a problem with R21 not being stable, I think this is user error on your end.
  2. Add some space in-between the transparent object and the object behind it. A good rule is also to make sure no value is at 100% lowering to even just 99% can make a difference. You only have reflection and refraction on right? u don't need refraction and opacity or transparency turned on. that could cause some issues.
  3. Something I've been doing to be able to pause my animations is rendering each frame into .Tiff so it saves the progress when paused. You can just throw the .tiff files into any videoeditor and tweak it there. (I use VSDC for video editing cause its free and amazing!)
  4. had to search this up a few weeks ago and it took a while to find a good tutorial! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I have found the "Cloth Cache Tool" where the "Simulate Cloth" used to be. Is this the same tool? cant find any tutorials for it.
  6. Ok, that's what Ive been doing so ill keep doing it! ill start keeping my own little notepad of what I find then.
  7. I recently had to do something like this for an album cover, I ended up tracing everything with a spline and extruding it. A lot of work and im sure theres an easier way but it worked.
  8. Do you have a reference image for the type of scene you want? I know some people have a specific look they are going for, if you want realism Id suggest working on the neon a bit. Maybe put the neon light inside the glass tubes. It looks like you have the neon material on the outside of the entire objects. Also adding an HDRI to the scene could improve it a lot, the blue/purple sky isn't selling it for me.
  9. Do you guys have a website or a few websites that go over realistic IOR values, Displacement measurements, and other material values? I have one for IOR but it doesn't have every type of material, mostly just metals.
  10. You guys did ease my mind a little. Nodal materials don't seem difficult to learn, but it changes my whole workflow. I'll continue practicing them on the side but wont use them for my clients until I'm comfortable moving to them. I've even been looking into other programs a bit since being able to upload an .MTL file with purchased models will greatly increase the speed of everything I do. Currently I have to relink everything and adjust the values and its just been getting old. Especially with plant models ><…. appreciate you guys!
  11. For years I have only made materials through the material editor. For the majority of my time in the 3D field I have seen people using nodal materials but my mentor at the time said it was pointless for our interior product images. Now I'm thinking he was just taking me on the easy route to save himself some grief but I want a confident answer from you guys on the forums! 1. Are nodal materials ALWAYS better to use instead of through the material editor? Or are the essentially the same but with different UI? 2. What is the main difference between using a nodal materi
  12. next to the name model, there will be 2 dots that look like a semicolon. are they both gray for all objects. or are some of them red and/or green?
  13. The scene file you are using to render out the image your having issues with.
  14. it looks as if its not rendering your 3d parts anymore. are u sure they are enabled to view when rendered? upload the file and we can help more.
  15. I was previously using corona v5. but in v6 its all updating. and thank god the removed portals <33 appreciate ur alls help


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