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  1. it works !! thank you cerbera . you always the fastest one answer questions ~ I really appreciate you
  2. Hi, Everybody ~ , I tried to figure it out by myself ,Or use ' show help ' in C4D , But I did't find an answer , sorry ,Recent two or three months I will still come across many simple issues ,But I will try to fix it by myself ,No asking people immediately . Well my question is when i use extrude tool , It extrude separate polygons , what I expect is a complete shape like the red paint i did in picture . kindly check the pictures i upload please . thank you ~~ ~~ anchor.c4d
  3. hi ~deck ~thanks for comments ~ i understand now ~
  4. When sculpting I use the grab tool, and a hole appears - how do I fix please ? ducky2.c4d
  5. Hi there , i come across a problem that when i selected the part of the duck , then i tried to rotate , but nothing happened . I think maybe because of i used the sculpt tool , uploaded the file . can anybody help. thanks in advance . ducky1.c4d
  6. hi there ,i am new to c4d , i tried to figure it out by myself , but failed . my question is whats the difference between have restrict to selection checked or unchecked when using loop/path cut ?. i didn't see the difference . thanks in advance .
  7. okay ~~ next time when i come cross a problem i will upload the file ~~thanks for your advice~~
  8. Hi~~ cerbera , i fixed it ~~ its a simple issue i don't know . Thanks for your helping ~~~
  9. haha , yes ~i tried your advice . its works now ~ happy . thanks~~~
  10. hi cerbera , I uploaded a complete pic ,pls check . thanks ~~~
  11. hi there , i am new to c4d , sorry , new one got lots problems haha . well , as the pic shows that ,when doing sculpting , i tried to increasing the subdivide . but nothing smooth changed . need your help . thanks in advance ~~
  12. Hi there , I'm new to c4d , i just come across a problem when doing the sculpting as the pic shows , when i had the grab , somehow it didn't show the circle tool for grabbing at the perspective view . i think it's an easy issue, i tried many times myself . need your help . thanks in advance~~
  13. hi Cerbera . Thanks for leave comments. Solved it by right click it and choose remove
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