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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a creative director of boutique CGI studio specialised in animation and visualisation for branding and packaging. I decided to expand our work toward motion and FX and thought of X-Particles as perfect addition. I'm currently trial the software with great chance to buy and incorporate in our workflow. However since first testing, on a really basic scene (xp system with single emitter, xp domain and gravity, simple as that) we experiencing a really slow FPS, around 5-10FPS. Which for these extremely starting scene is no-workable at all. Looking at some video onli
  2. Hi everyone, I'm Marco from Valencia, Spain. Started my journey as 3D Artist in UK long time ago. Founder of a CGI boutique studio started while ago in London and now based in Valencia. Shifted to C4D recently, so happy 3D to all! Cheers M.
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