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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a creative director of boutique CGI studio specialised in animation and visualisation for branding and packaging. I decided to expand our work toward motion and FX and thought of X-Particles as perfect addition. I'm currently trial the software with great chance to buy and incorporate in our workflow. However since first testing, on a really basic scene (xp system with single emitter, xp domain and gravity, simple as that) we experiencing a really slow FPS, around 5-10FPS. Which for these extremely starting scene is no-workable at all. Looking at some video online on similar starting scene the viewport speed is more than double. Current setup is a new Mac Pro 2019, with 28core, Vega Pro II Duo module and 96GB RAM. On the latest Catalina 10.15.5 and C4D R21. A very powerful machine but I'm wondering if it is something software related and you can help me with, or embedded problem and related to the OSX, etc. Indeed I don’t seek for hardware debate, decision, etc. But if it is something related to X-particles / C4D specific setting, or other issue/process that runs on background and makes the simulation really slow. Or any specific hardware compatibly issue. Having seen same starting scene setup on a window machine with way less specs but much higher FPS, I was wondering if we made a bad decision getting the new Mac Pro or there's some hidden issue/thing to be fixed around software and parameters to run it better. Or, sadly, worth sell back and buy a windows machine instead, something like “hey, this performs worse on OSX so nothing to be done”, and we need to embrace and work around it as it is. I'm used to the OSX system and mainly got the studio based on it, so ideally I'd avoid this as much as possible. Would be extremely helpful if you can help me out with this. I've included a screen record and screenshot of what happening here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qi2khodotd69s2u/AAALDBPHGODmIMJFGTvTPgF8a?dl=0 PLESE NOTE: this also happen with any simply soft body sim, etc. No really strictly to X-Particles I guess. Thanks a lot to everyone Marco
  2. Hi everyone, I'm Marco from Valencia, Spain. Started my journey as 3D Artist in UK long time ago. Founder of a CGI boutique studio started while ago in London and now based in Valencia. Shifted to C4D recently, so happy 3D to all! Cheers M.
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