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  1. Thank you everyone for your advice. Bezo - I will definitely do that. CBR - great spot! I hadn't switched off my archived model to the renderer!! This has been a great lesson, thanks again for your frank advice and persistence. I have a long way to go but I'm up for the challenge. Chris
  2. This is truly a thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing. I wanted a more childish finish to mine (the overall scene is all very low poly in feel), but not totally angular. I just could not understand why the viewport looked near to my vision but the render just wouldn't do it.
  3. ps for my own knowledge (and sanity) - why is it that the viewport looked nearer to what I wanted, but the render did not?
  4. Thank you for your feedback Cerbera. I did start it as a low poly project originally, and then just expected an SDS to work when I decided I wanted a smoother overall finish, now I see I'm clearly being naive! It's very early days for me so it's great to get such detailed feedback from a veteran. I'll go again with the body. Thank you
  5. Thanks for your responses. I have attached the C4D file, only the car model in there. I did try a number of different Subdiv settings but I'm a complete newby so am likely to be doing something wrong.... Thanks again, Chris Car ex.c4d
  6. Hi! New to the cafe and C4D and loving learning. Finding this resource is awesome!... I've hit a brick wall and wondering if anyone can help? I've added a subdivision subsurface to this car body, but it will not render - the angles remain sharp so the render looks worse than the viewport. I tried removing the bevel and a few different approaches / settings and always get the same result. What am I doing wrong here? Please see attached images - one is the viewport before render, the other is after standard render. Thank you for any advice you can give! Cheers, Chris
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