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  1. Thanks Bezo!! Yes i did consider that it wasn't that easy in the end as i tried A LOT of stuff. I'll definitely check the 'effector'!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm pretty new and i have what I probably think is an easy question. I want to create a wall where each brick is a cube of a random X size. However the edges of the cubes need to touch the next one...like a brick wall. I have a cloner with random effector for the sizes but when trying to bring them together, the bricks overlap each other. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for your help!!!
  3. I get this all the time. I have only recently started with C4D and i'm gettting this problem more that I should. At first i thought it was down to a crash but i've had it in all sorts of ways, with crash, no crash, files straight from a learning site, etc....MAXON do help and repair the file for you but i can't be depending on them to fix my files all the time. This problem strangely spreads to other files within the same folder. I've also had it on a Mac and on my brand new PC with RedShift. I've been able to recover the file opening R21 a couple of times but some other times, this syste
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