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  1. The changes i made in previous post was in object mode, i reseted everything and made changes in model mode. In model mode i went to made a coordinate as set driver and the other 2 drivens. But the problem here is that i only can change in scale size e.g from 1 to 1.1,1.2 etc and the other 2 scales change but in percentage. Is there not some other way where i can set driver and driven in cm rather than percentage? cm are showing in corner but here the driver option is not available.
  2. I have 2 models, one is human and the second is cycle. I wanted to size them as they are in real life but the sizing is different as you can see in the attached image. The cycle is 122cm and human is 182 but still cycle size is very smaller. Also the y axis which is the height of human is 182 and x axis which is waist is way smaller but the size is doesn't correspond. How can i fix this? Regards Edit: Ichecked the height with measure and construction tool and it is showing 831cm height of human, but in yellow highlighted area it is showing 182cm. How is this sizing working?
  3. Thank you very much, i will try this out.
  4. In original image it's not a flat metal sheet, it's a triangular beam.
  5. the picture you shared above is this made from one single object and extruded or is it best that i make two objects one the triangular and the second the cylinder and then i match the points for matching vertices?
  6. by building the whole section again as one you mean that i should start from the triangular section and then in the centre select some polygons and extrude it to make the circular part?
  7. Here in this picture i have two objects which i want to weld or joint in similar way as it is welded in real life for giving a real look to my model. I am a beginner in c4d and learning step by step, if my model has any other mistakes it would help if you point it out. regards
  8. I followed your tip, thank you for helping out.
  9. I am beginner to c4d and started simple modeling, i am modeling a motorcycle (ACK ATTACk) and now i am a little stuck at the end. I can't figure out how to round the bottom end (in red color) of motorcycle to the rounded shape like the top end (in yellow color).
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