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  1. Thanks but I'm not sure if I followed what you suggest: - I made the input to the Condition switch a boolean (Texture control node) - The two constants for the switch are an empty string and a non-empty string - The Condition output fills the "Selection" field in the Texture tag But it doesn't work ... can you see what's wrong? UPDATE: I had the data type wrong in Condition. It works now.
  2. I need to be able to turn on/off a specific texture in a material. The 'selection' texture tag parameter does exactly that, if it's empty the texture shows and renders normally but any other entry, number or string turns the texture off. I want to have a toggle as one of many other things I'm doing in an Xpresso custom panel. How can I make the 'selection' parameter input anything say "1" to turn the texture off or leave the field empty to enable the texture. A boolean doesn't work because its either TRUE or FALSE and it outputs one of this two words as a string in the field so it always results on the texture being turned off. Tu be turned on, the field needs to be empty. I could use a String type data field and leave it empty to display the texture or enter anything to turn it off but I wander if there is a better way.
  3. Thanks I get that but for some reason, once again, the scene turns dark when I switch to gourard even though my scene lights are on. I'll go back to a few days back backups and see what's different because it was fine on Friday. Thanks anyways.
  4. Actually, as I explained in my OP, my problem is that the opposite is happening. It gets dark when gourard is used ... In any case, where do I check if autolight is on or off ...?
  5. Hi, I generally use the 'quick shade' mode for viewport display, however, I noticed that switching to 'Gourard shading' is darkening considerably the scene which doesn't happen in other scenes. I have an HDRI for the sky and an infinite light for the sun. What could possibly cause the big change in the display? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm trying to use the walk-through tool for the first time. I don't seem to manage to enable the floor and walls collision detection and I can go through them without being stopped as it's supposed to. The key F moves the camera down but it goes through the floor. The same with walls, I go through them. There are toggles to disable the collisions but they are not checked so it should detect the objects. Is there any other parameter that I'm not aware of? I wonder if it has to do with the Project Size Range parameter? I don't quite understand it so I left it to default 1-1000. My scene is in inches and sized as a regular apartment.
  7. Nevermind. I reinstalled and it seems ok new. Thanks
  8. Hello, I use R18 Studio and I've had a problem for a while now where all the menu entries for TeamRender are missing in the config menu, the render menu and the render settings ... However, I can enable the teamrender server app and render ok outside C4D with three machines but I cannot do it with the built in utility. See attached Any idea what can cause this?
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