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  1. OK So I changed the constraint type toSpring to constrain the pupils ; which seems to work better in how the pupil is attached to the white tube of the eye. And I activated Automatic Redraw from the Character Manager tab. Rendered the png sequence for the 24 frames and then when previewed in After Effects the problem is solved. Thanks Dan much obliged !
  2. Have read the thread you suggested is my solution then the character menu > manager > auto redraw command. I do not want to have goals on the IK chains for the eyes I only want to avail of the IK dynamics so as the created a floppy effect for the eyes. I did add goals to experiment with the possibility of using the stretch tab of the IK chain tag. But I removed the goals as I only want to eyes to be floppy.
  3. True Dan, because I could not figure out the problem. I thought it might have been an axis issue since the eyes are under a null. Then I considered the constraints and then if the eyes needed to be inside of cmotion... but since they are under the head in the object hierarchy I thought not. I noticed the problem only after I had rendered the png sequence and opened it in After Effects and on a cycle preview the eyes were pointing upwards on frame 1 so the effect was a jumpy glitch in the otherwise smooth loop of the animation. I will look at the dynamic - ik - prio
  4. I have a mechanical robot which I have animated using CMotion. The legs have an IK chain with no joints where the goals are animated within CMotion. The eyes have an IK chain with joints and so are binded to the eye joints and have a skin. However the eyes pop at the start of the animation and when I turn on and off CMotion. Cmotion object is at the top of the object hierarchy. I have attached the file here. Is there a priority issue with the eyes ? Or is there a problem with constraints ? Should I add the eyes to Cmotion and set the Z Position to co
  5. By the way Dan do you know if a book exists that teaches you how to make rig templates and your own custom rigs using the Character Compoment(s)
  6. Thanks I disabled Cmotion and moved the character object forward by 50 cm on Z position Then I could see the verts spiking. It was the shirt and pants. Then I used the Normalise technique from the Weights manager Worked a treat. Much obliged.
  7. Thanks Rectro I have attached the file here. I deleted the materials because the file size including the materials was over the c4d cafe file size limit. All parts are uv mapped. The baseball cap, the eyes, sunglasses and bottle are parented to the main character mesh using constraints. Much Appreciated ! cartoon_01_Walk_Start.c4d
  8. There are a few good biped rigging tutorials on YouTube. They will tech you how to draw the joints and create the controllers and how to bind and weight the mesh.
  9. I am forever having this problem with Cmotion. Under the Object tab in Cmotion, when I choose line as the walk type - the mesh starts to walk in a line ok but the mesh stretches. Several points on the mesh stretch and deform, usually on the back area of the mesh. I have included a screenshot of the problem. When the walk type is set to static the character mesh walks perfectly. I would add a walk cycle to the Character Object under the Animate tab and then I would adjust the CMotion settings to get the walk style I want. But then when I switch to the walk type line - I have the prob
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