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  1. Thanks for your reply - my problem was that I find when doing a second point you can get locked in to doing a particular angle etc and don't have control over changing this because sometimes it won't allow me to edit the control point handles on a spline point I have made until AFTER I've added the next point if that makes sense - however I have worked out that AFTER adding the next point you can then go back in and use the control point handles to adjust it to exactly how you like. I'm not sure if I am just having trouble selecting it or what but this method seems to be working okay.
  2. C4D crashed when doing something farely basic... I think I was trying to make a spline a child of a lathe extrude ting Anyway that's not important, what is important (and this has happened before) is that I tried to recover the file from my bugreports folder and although there are files in there none of them will open instead I get an error message (see attached). This pops up after trying to open one of these files. As I said this has happened in the past as well so I would really appreciate some help on fixing this - is it a software issue - do I need to reinstall? Luck
  3. Thanks for all your help guys, I ended up bringing the model into a new project and the crosses have now disappeared. This solved it although doesn't answer why they were there in the first place... If they come up again I'll be sure to take note and look into it further. Thanks
  4. Hi there Any idea how I got all these green crosses in my model. I was using the Measure and Construction tool to create specific angles but it seems to have filled my model with these green crosses which I now can't delete. Anyone know how/why this happened and most importantly, how do I delete them? Thanks Ella
  5. It was more for when wanting to design using angles precisely rather than lengths... Of course one could work out the other but this could get very time consuming, I am now thinking better to do that in another software and bring the different elements together. Thanks so much! E
  6. I've been getting round it by extending the measure and construction distances until they align with the curve, that's the closest I've managed but I will check out the other options you mention. But perhaps it would be best to do this kind of model in another software such as 3ds max and then create the more organic shapes in C4D and then bring the two together. Thanks very much for your help!
  7. Is there a good plug in or alternative you know of at all? Many thanks
  8. Thanks. I have managed to snap to the arc (spline) now but I do need it to follow that path. It is frustrating that you cannot extend a line through snapping, seems completely absurd if there is no way to do it at all.... Is there no extend tool either to draw the line out longer? It seems like such a basic control that many other programs are able to do? If that is the case then perhaps C4D is not the best program for more architectural design work/models that need to be mathematically correct....
  9. How do I do that sorry? I can't see 'scene' file in the export or save as options... Sorry if I'm being a bit dim here. I'll try and make my problem clearer. The view you are seeing is from above. I'm trying to move the point as shown in the first image I posted, to line up with the arc which is on a different plane (below) it. I don't want the point to be on the same plane as the arc I want it to remain directly above it but in line. I want to move the point along and extend it along the path it is already on, see image 2. However it will not (no matter how many times
  10. Unfortunately not but thanks anyway. That only snaps to objects on the same plane and also on my model when I move the point using the guide snap it will only snap to straight up/down, left and right. It won't extend along that line. In the video you linked it seems to work better but my angle is so similar to going straight up it seems to be snapping to that?
  11. Hi there I have two questions regarding moving points and snapping.... 1. In the image shown I want to move the point selected down so it is at the red cross... in line with the blue curve but I DONT want to change the angle. So I can't lock to the red/blue axis and move it straight down that way as it will not follow the correct path/angle. I want to move it down along that path but I can't find snap settings to enable this, I tried adding in a new point and deleting the old one but that affected the rest of the geometry. Any help would be hugely appreciated. 2. The curv
  12. Okay somehow I've made it work... lunch was obviously what was needed. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm doing that has made it work but I will report back...
  13. Having an absolute nightmare with this. It's something so simple that is proving to be so difficult and annoying. I thought maybe it wasn't working because the tool had to be snapped to some actual geometry to move it, or maybe I was in the wrong mode but that didn't solve it either. If I manage to get it so I can type a measurement into the box it immediately changes back to what it was before. I'm surprised that for all it's great UI experience and intuitive tool sets that it fails to provide a simple basic protractor. Anyway I'm gonna go eat some food and come back to it, urgh.
  14. Thanks so much for the help guys! I'm having trouble typing anything in as those boxes are greyed out, but I'll have a play and check out the tutorial and hopefully that will solve it. Thanks!
  15. Can you type in an exact angle in to the measure and construction tool as in to use it as a protractor to make your model precise and more mathematically correct if that makes sense? Thanks


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