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  1. Its just that the noise looks completely different then what it should be. Like it basically just always turns into very small scale noiseno matter which one i choose.
  2. Yes! I deicded I liked FBM the best, Electric was u=just the last one I happened to have on when making this thread. The problem is that the render is not correct.
  3. I am trying to give the letters in animation some sort of rocky sort of texture, so i decided to try to make a material with noise in the bump map. I can not really tell what kind of noise I should choose to look closest to that, because when I render it or look at it in AE, it either looks like a much smaller scale noise., or some weird mostly repeating texture, which clearly is not noise at all. Can anyone help me out? I am still very new to C4D btw. The image is what happened when i used the noise 'electric' and what it looked like in After Effects.
  4. I mean, I think I generally understand how the bridge between AE and C4D works
  5. I have lights and a camera in place. What should I do to try to get it to look how I want in After Effects?
  6. Please forgive me, I am VERY new to Cinema 4D. I have the light version with AE, and I created a plane with a brick texture i bought that had a normal map, height map, etc. When I go to render it or view it in After Effects, the texture does not show, it looks more like just the height map maybe. Just a black and white blurry image in the shape of bricks. I must be dong something very wrong. I played around with render settings for a while but could not figure anything out.
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