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  1. Really helpful info, thank you! I did notice slight evidence of the other lights and I guess you could labour over them until they work, but the point is they're not designed for Arnold. I see Arnold GPU supports my graphics card, so will look into that right away. Main takeaway is to pick a renderer and commit to it! Thanks again, much appreciated. Dave
  2. Thanks, good to know. It's fine as long as I know what the deal is. Don't want to have to replace every C4D light with an Arnold one at the end of a complex project! I don't understand why it picked up the fuse illumination though, as it's still a basic C4D light? Is it something to do with being set to visible? If so, why is it picking up the illumination but not the visible light itself?
  3. Hi, I'm sure this is an obvious and expected scenario to most, but I don't understand why my scene looks SO different using different renderers. I get that they use different processes and the whole point is to achieve different results, but interpretations of the scene seem to be wildly different. Image 1: Physical Renderer Image 2: ProRender Image 3: Arnold The obvious issue is the lights. Physical Renderer is closest to what I'd expect. ProRender ignores the 'visible light' used for the bomb's fuse and shows the side light much harsher. Arnold s
  4. Yes I guess the mish-mash of elements from different sources was causing the issue. It should be possible to do that though! Luckily this project was just a training exercise, so I’m consigning it to the trash. Thanks for your help!
  5. I installed the Nvidia Studio Driver rather than their Game Ready Driver, in the hope it would be best suited for C4D. I tried opening an example scene as Bezo suggested, and ProRender handled it without the error. So perhaps this is simply an issue with this scene?
  6. My Nvidia drivers are all up-to-date, for the record!
  7. Thanks for your help! And good to know my PC spec shouldn't be holding me back. Render setting screenshot and project file attached... Data Cloud v2.c4d
  8. Hi Bezo, thanks for the reply. It happens for any render, IRR, Picture Viewer or Viewport!
  9. Hi, I'm getting an error using ProRender. --------------------------- An error has occurred with your Graphics Card. Most likely there is not enough video memory. If you use heavy texture data, try to enable Out of Core Textures in the render settings of Radeon ProRender. Alternatively try to reduce your polygon count. --------------------------- I've not found anywhere online where someonce's had this exact message, which is not encouraging! I'm pretty sure my PC's up to scratch as I use it for motion work all the time, but would definitely like to k


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