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  1. I've got an object textured with a gradient in the color channel. When I export it, the color gradient isn't visible at all. I've tried baking with color checked on as well, and no result. The object does not show gradient, only the default color. Why is this? I've exported as both glb and fbx with same result each time.
  2. In reference to C4D's glTF documentation, I'm unclear what is meant by re-setting a baked texture as bitmap. I've googled it and haven't been able to figure this out. It may be my basic knowledge, but what does this refer to? Is that an extra conversion step after baking a texture? Edit: Can an admin move this topic, please? I posted it to the wrong category by accident. Texture Baking: As of now, the automatic baking of Texture Shaders is not yet implemented. If you do use Shaders, please manually Bake them using the Bake Texture tag and re-set them as Bitmaps.
  3. Thank you both so much! I was doing it wrong, I went to edit---> add new preset library and it worked. I was able to add materials
  4. I'm running R21. I went to make a new folder in the content browser so I could add my own textures. However, I found I did not have permission to do so. My other version allowed me to add materials, so I'm unsure what the issue is. What could be stopping me from having permission to edit or make changes to the content browser?
  5. Hey, thanks, CBR! This is massively helpful and clears up a lot of the uncertainties for me. I will have a closer look at the glTF documentation you mentioned. Admittedly have not read it all yet. Thanks again!
  6. I have an object with the Y position being animated by a sound effector. I'm trying to bake the animation in S22 in order to export it as a .glb. What is the right way to do this?
  7. My bad, CBR, I'm using the S22 trial with plans to get R22 when it comes out.
  8. I have some confusion around the process for baking textures for exporting assets out of C4D. I've read numerous resources, and some of them conflict with each other, as well as with what I'm experiencing. First off, if you could answer these admittedly 'basic knowledge' questions, it would be immensely helpful in clearing up my uncertainty: 1. Is it true that Bake Object and Bake Material are essentially the same, except for Bake Material has more options? This is what sources seem to say. 2. Should you, or should you not group numerous objects in a null before you bake, if they are part of the same object but have their own textures? 3. Are there some circumstances where you don't have to bake the object or material to be able to export the asset and have it retain textures? I have noticed that sometimes, I do not have to bake a textured object for it to retain its texture when I import it into another platform (in this instance, Mozilla Spoke). Other times, assets show up white if I don't bake. Does this have to do with which texture channels are used? Do some, like the color channel, not need to be baked in order for the asset to keep its texture when exported? 4. Is it necessary for objects to be made editable and connected + deleted before using Object Bake? 5. Why does Object Bake sometimes distort textures? (for example, getting rid of the alpha channel or just re-texturing the asset weirdly) 6. When I highlight a single baked object and go to export it, why does it actually export everything within my scene? Is that supposed to happen, and once again, should I group all objects I want to export into a null first? Thank you so much, I may post again with more specifics as they apply to a scene I'm having problems with right now. But I wanted to get this basic knowledge out of the way first so I can maybe understand what's going on.
  9. I'm working in Mozilla Hubs, so I can't import .objs. I'm trying to export my c4d (r18) model as an .obj with texture, then run it through an obj to gtlf converter. However, I'm confused on how to maintain the .mtl with that converted gtlf model. I'm able to successful convert, but when I bring the model into Spoke, the material doesn't come with it. What am I missing here? Thanks
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