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  1. Ohh Yeah! It works!! Now. I just need to play with the settings and get what I'm looking for. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello C4D Forum, I'm making a iPhone 3D model. I got stuck at the buttons. I want to make some curvatures on the buttons that comes along with the edges of the phone. I'm using a Spline with a Extrude on it. But the part where you touch the button, is still being plane. This is the example I want to imitate: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/iphone-11-pro-bb3a4874a125437e95acc58d6290bfc8 This is what I'm getting right now: What tools do you suggest me to use? Sorry for my poor way to transmite my doubt. English is not my natural language. Thank you once again for your time.
  3. Welcome SOLCHENG I'm new here as well! C4D is an awesome program. an very one intuitive comparing to others 3D platforms. I Hope you can enjoy your stay here!
  4. Hello C4D Community! First, I'll take the chance to introduce myself: I'm Javier and a few months ago I started using C4D; Learning a little bit about modeling, sculpting, animation, rigging, etc. Ofc. I'm still being a totally beginner... I will be around asking silly questions hahaha! Okay, in this case, my goal is to loop an animation for a longer time. This is my first animation: A character jumping while throwing a punch. At first, I tried duping all the keyframes. But it kinda mess the animation somehow and I don't know why. I tried another method: On timeline tab, I selected the summary and on properties I enable the "repetition" attribute: Then I start the animation: On the first time, everything is ok. Second, third and so on, The character starts blinking randomly. And it presents some other minor issues as well, for example, his nose loosing some inertia. I can fix it by making linear accelerations but, I don't want that. I made a video showing the issue, you can check it here: Thank you very much in advance for taking your time on this thread. I searched on forum and I didn't found any possible solution. I apology if this was discussed before. I'm also open to any suggestions or tutorials that you can recommend me to improve my animations too! Viendo.c4d
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