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  1. YES! Thank you so much! I was looking for this solution everywhere
  2. here, no falloff! thanks! excentrico.c4d
  3. Not working... this is what I get. I'm just looking for a way to change the Z position of each extrude radomly without having to do it manually one by one. But thanks for the reply!
  4. Hey! Thanks for your time! So I have multiple objects arranged in a grid array (not a cloner, individual objects that are letters) and all of them are inside a group. I want to make them radomly appear from a wall, so I need to radomly change the Z position of each object, and then move the group from behind to the front of the wall... When I use the Random effector and turn the animation speed to 0%, I manage to get the random array that I want (in the image), but when I move the group it goes nuts and starts changing the array as the group moves... Is the
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