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  1. I recently jumped from my R20 to R21 version, moving all plugins over, installing the latest updates so they are compatible with R21. I really wanted to start using R21 because of the interface improvements and more logical organisation of the menus and tags. But I think I'm going to have to jump backwards and stick with R20. I've noticed a significant deterioration in speed / performance .. lag, more crashing etc. Particularly when using some plugins like X-Particles, Redshift and Realflow plugins. Performance just isn't the same as R20. To the point where it's irritating and slowing down workflow. *I'm on Windows 10 using nVidia 2080Tis. *Jumping back into R20 my Redshift Render view for example - is lightning fast compared to R21. In R21 it takes significantly longer to bucket render as one noticeable example, on quite a simple scene. *some X-Particles builds just don't simulate as fast in R21 as they were in the R20 viewport. They literally crawl. Like FluidFX dynamics. I understand this might be a plugin developer issue but did MAXON change something big between these versions? I read APIs were changed but, seeing we're on version R22 now shouldn't R21 work properly / smoothly? Are there known issues with R21 that affect performance, maybe using NVidia cards for example? (*I understand they've released R22 now. I'm on R20/21 for render farm compatibility and the timing of my R20 perpetual license covered access to R21)
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