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  1. The botch fix appears to have been a success! (At least until it comes back to haunt me when I get round to animating it all a bit more down the line) I used your luminance tip (or in this case incandescant as I'm working in Redshift) which has worked really well, thank you! Lip-Botch-Fix.mp4
  2. Yeah, I used symmetry to make the first pair of lips as well. I just had an idea that I might try just before restarting (It's just a personal project for fun/practice, so I'm not too concerned about making everything perfect. If this was for something professional I'd certainly be starting again at this point!). The way I've rigged this is making ~12 different pose morphs for the lips for phonyms e.g. a, e, i, o, u. I've used Xpresso to rotate/move the teeth with a range mapper using the 0-100% of the poses, making them move differently for each phonym on the pose morph. I've also used the same method for the tongue as well. I might just quickly try doing the same for the invisible box - a different pose for each phonym and tie it with Xpresso to the lips. Then I think I can just parent all of them to the same null to move it round my scene. Thanks for the examples - I'll certainly be needing them after I find out in an hour my botch fix doesn't actually work
  3. Whelp, not what I was hoping to hear but I knew I'd run into an issue like this at some point. I guess on the bright side maybe my poses will be a little cleaner now I've had practice with them. Thanks again for the help!
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a singing mouth and think I'm pretty close, pretty sure I'm on the final hurdle: Making it so teeth/tongue/gums only receive light that comes in through the front, as well as making it so they are only visible through the mouth. I think I could get away with just attaching a box to the back of the lips, making it not visible to camera but visible to lights, also using it to export an AOV to use as a matte when comping. However because the points on the lips move, this might sometimes mean the lips go through the box, unless I set it far enough back. But then this means the gums/teeth would sometimes become visible. Again, I think I could possibly just spend a few hours going through in post and creating a garbage matte mixed with some AOVs to remove those issues frame by frame, but where's the fun in that? In an ideal world, I'd be able to attach points on the box to the edges of the lips so it morphs with the lips and creates a seamless edge that adapts whilst the lips move. This would work perfectly as a matte to remove unwanted objects as well as to prevent them receiving light from angles they shouldn't. Is this possible? Lips are animated via Pose Morph, if that affects how I would link the points on the face of a box to them. Sorry if any of the wording I've used in here is wrong, my C4D/3D lingo could do with some work Lips-Cafe-02.c4d
  5. Thanks - It's happened too many times where I've only found out once I finish something that I went about it the hard way. Good to know that doesn't seem to be the case so far at least! Not sure if I'll go so far as to try the different maps, think that's a bit too advanced for what I want to get right now. Was just hoping to practice modelling/UVing/animating something of my own.
  6. I'm not completely sure how to fix the overlapping on the inner corners of the mouth. As they're most likely not going to be too visible, I might just try ripping them off and creating new islands for them? Ah! I had to flip the normals at one point because I realised I had actually modelled it backwards/inside-out. I guess that would explain what I've done there - I've just clicked "Mirror U" and that seems to have fixed it.
  7. I think I get what you mean, only thing is I would have thought from my screenshots etc. that my polys are distorted? Because the lips seem to have been squashed length-ways (it's more of an "O"). Half the time I make something I can never tell whether I'm doing it "properly" or not. Feels like nearly everything make is a matter of "If it's stupid and it works, then it isn't stupid"! Hopefully with experience I'll get a little more confident Glad I finally made an account here, I'm always finding helpful topics here and was always too scared to post a question myself! Thanks for your help!
  8. Sorry, Cerebra's reply just popped up as I clicked submit on that - I feel a bit silly for not testing with a UV map before coming here! But it'd also be good to know if the animation of the lips will completely mess up the UV. I'm just a bit nervous that I might spend ages UVing it only to learn I've gone about things completely the wrong way
  9. Sorry, here you go! I think I could update my C4D, I only installed it back in April I think it was? Coming from Adobe, I am scared to update halfway through a project in case it breaks it, though! If you recommend it, I might update? Lips-Cafe.c4d
  10. Hi! I'm just trying to make a little personal project to practice C4D and was going to try and make some singing lips. Just wanted to see if anyone had any advice on if they'd go about this in a particular way? My current method is to animate some low-poly lips with Pose-Morph, making a pose for each Phonetic sound. Then I'd just slap it in a Sub-D and try to get detail on the lips using Normal/Displacement maps (If I manage to UV it correctly ). Afterwards I'd add some teeth and maybe a tongue, but I was going to worry about that once I'd sorted the lips as I imagine the lips will be the most difficult bit, and the teeth/tongue don't need to do much except stay inside the mouth! I'd originally subdivided it way too much and done some sculpting to get the detail, attached that image for reference as well in case it helps to know what kind of look I'm aiming to get. I just ask because originally I was hoping I could use joints and weighting, but it just messed up my geo. Not sure if I just did a bad job of modelling/weighting and am doing the long method now! I imagine if I could have gotten joints and weighting to work, I perhaps may have been able to get more expressions and natural transitions between the poses as well as a wider variety of poses (e.g. every "I" will look exactly the same). Hopefully just some camera movement and throwing the mouth around on a null would fix that, though. Lip-Test.mp4
  11. Hi! This'll be my first time attempting to UV unwrap something without it being an incredibly simple shape/tutorial. It's just a personal project for practice but I wanted to check if what I've got here will work alright before I spend too much time on it and if not, what I might be looking to do to fix it. There's 2 islands, one for the parts of the lips that will be visible and another for the back which shouldn't be visible, and if it is then only barely. So I was going to be happy to not really do any work on that bit! I think the main island looks how it should apart from some overlap on the inside edges which I'm not sure how to fix, however fortunately again, that part shouldn't be too visible. If it's relevant, I was going to animate the lips singing, not sure if that affects how it should be done.
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