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  1. Code example: import os import sys import c4d def PluginMessage(_id, data): if _id == c4d.C4DPL_COMMANDLINEARGS: print sys.argv walker() return True return False def walker(step_x=5,step_y=5): doc = c4d.documents.GetActiveDocument() print "Document: {}".format(doc) bd = doc.GetRenderBaseDraw() print "BaseDraw: {}".format(bd) safeframe = bd.GetSafeFrame() print "SafeFrame: {}".format(safeframe) arr_o = [] for y in range(safeframe['cl'],safeframe['cr'],step_y): for x in range(safeframe['ct'],safeframe['cb'],step_x): o = c4d.utils.ViewportSelect.PickObject(bd, doc, x, y, rad=1, flags=c4d.VIEWPORT_PICK_FLAGS_OGL_ONLY_TOPMOST_WITH_OBJ | c4d.VIEWPORT_PICK_FLAGS_OGL_ONLY_VISIBLE) if o: try: arr_o.append(o[0]) except IndexError as e: print(e) print "Array of objects: {}".format(arr_o) return arr_o Output: ['C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\1.c4d', '-nogui'] Document: <c4d.documents.BaseDocument object called '' with ID 110059 at 0x00000 08ABA5CC3B0> BaseDraw: <c4d.BaseDraw object called 'Perspective' with ID 110305 at 0x0000008A BA5CC3F0> SafeFrame: {'cr': 0, 'ct': 0, 'cb': 0, 'cl': 0} Array of objects: [] Cmd command: C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20>Commandline.exe "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\1.c4d" -nogui
  2. I am writing a script that runs the C4d command line ("Commandline.exe" - nogui, etc.) and works in it.The Gui console is the console that is called with shift+F10 in c4d.
  3. I think problem is C4d is not initialized BaseDraw from Commandline because BaseDraw, PickObject, GetFrame didn't in Gui console. I tried to take BaseDraw.GetSafeFrame () and got 0,0,0,0. Also tried to run the script from Gui, I was able to get GetFrame () when I did BaseDraw.InitializeView (self, doc, cam, editorsv) (but still not the same as the console in Gui). In fact PickObject, GetFrame work well in Gui console.
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