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  1. I have a scene with a hair cache. At random times, while working I'll find the scene to be very slow and discover that the hair is no longer cached when I know that I did nothing direct to free the cache. Then I have to recache to get scene performance back. How can I make sure that when I cache a hair object, it stays that way?
  2. Suggested it with a support ticket. Whether or not they read them is anyone's guess.
  3. Here's a perfect example as to why a skip rendered frames feature is necessary. Last night I was rendering a 1100 frame sequence on 4 machines. Windows 10 updated in the middle of the night and now I have patches of missing frames all over the sequence. And sometimes you have to stop a render in the middle and tweak something. There are situations when you're not totally in control of these things. Every 3d software needs a feature to skip rendered frames. Do you know the best way to make suggestions to MAXON?
  4. haha unfortunately in my case, yes. Sorry mom and dad. But I figured it out. I put a Redshift Object tag on the specific child object and turned off the feature I didn't want inherited....which in this case was object tesselation. So now that one object has tesselation turned off, but all other children inherit it from the parent.
  5. I'm new to Cinema 4d and just discovered something which if true, is absolutely ridiculous. It appears that after a render job is partially finished and then restarted, there's no detection of missing frames. It just re-renders existing frames. In the render queue, I did find the "auto-renaming" button and when it's unclicked there a message that says "Warning: Files will be overwritten if they already exist." ok...so I clicked it on because I don't want that. Well the existing files still were overwritten when Team Render started again. What year are we in? Does this a
  6. We all know that placing a tag on a parent will make it affect the child as well...for example putting a Redshift Object tag on a null, which then makes anything parented under the null inherit the properties of that tag. What if something needs to be in that hierarchy but it also needs to be excluded from any effects of that tag? Is there a way to turn off that inheritance?
  7. I have an object in my scene which I temporarily hid by using the traffic light visibility icon in the manager. Now the object won't turn back on in the viewport or render. But, if I click polygon edit mode it appears. Can anyone think of something I may have accidentally done to make this weird behavior happen?
  8. I've made the smoke die by using the dissipate slider, but it doesn't work for fuel or heat. Is there something I'm not understanding? I assumed heat and fuel controlled the flame level.
  9. I'm trying to render a file through Team render which has a large Alembic cached fluid simulation from realflow. Yesterday, it loaded and rendered with Team render. Today it's a different result. The main machine renders but the clients never start rendering. I removed the cache object from the scene as a test to isolate the problem, and found that's definitely what's wrong. Is there a way to pre-load assets into a directory on the client machines so it doesn't have to download it over the network?
  10. I'm almost where I need to be, but there's one aspect of this I can't understand. I'm using a spherical field to make particles leave the surface of an object with turbulence. I'm trying to use an xpscale to size the particles down to zero after they leave the surface. How do I make the particles new lifespan start once they're in the air? I tried using xplife and it almost worked, but the particles didn't use the xpscale, they just disappeared after the set time. I've attached the scene if anyone wants to take a look. Thanks in advance for any insight/help you can give. turbul
  11. Is there any way to use a bin particle sequence with x particles so I can skin it with the openvdbmesh generator?
  12. I'm doing a realflow sim and I'm using a plugin to import the bin particle sequence, which works just fine. All I can see are little crosses representing each particle. Is there a way use the volume builder and mesher to make the particles liquid?
  13. How could I approach this? I have an animation of a toothbrush (with dynamic bristles) moving across teeth and the gumline. I need for there to be toothpaste on the bristles which breaks down from a near solid form to a foamy, wet form which is moved around by the bristles. Any approach ideas?
  14. Let me describe how a Softimage geometry clone works with a project example. I have a rigged character with a skeleton deforming the geometry. I need a collision object with only the torso polys. I create a clone of the body object, which basically makes an exact duplicate of the object, but instead of having a rig driving the deforming polys, the original is basically a generator that drives it. So from that point, I can delete polys, make new deformations, etc while it always follows the animation of the original -- which is perfect for collisions..or many other uses.
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