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  1. Thanks for the help. I knew it was probably operator assholitus.
  2. I've been setting up a complex scene with a toothbrush and mouth. For some reason, the graph editor(timeline) won't show anything (whether selected or not) in the left pane. If I copy and paste an animated item to another project window, I can see everything fine. I'm using the "animation" layout BTW. If I create a floating graph editor window from the "window" menu then it works. It's something about the graph editor that's docked in the animation layout. Of course, I can easily fix this by replacing the non-working graph editor with the fresh floating one, but I would like to understand what I broke for future reference. When learning a new software, I always end up screwing something up in the interface. I'd like to know how to unscrew it, if someone can help. I've attached the scene., trimmed down to a couple of objects. graph editor problem.c4d
  3. Actually I already kill it in the task manager and it still won't restart.
  4. Does anyone else experience this? Most of the time when c4d crashes, it won't open again unless the computer is restarted. Is there a little tweak to something I can make in my system to make a restart unecessary?
  5. I realize it's very easy to make a correctional morph appear on a limb as the joint is bending from (for example) 0 to 90 degrees, with a 1 to 1 relationship of joint to morph value. But is it possible to have the morph appear at 45 degrees...or have multiple states as the joint goes through it's full range of bend? For example, let's say there's a forearm bending morph to make a bicep bulge and the the elbow joint more perfect than the weighting will allow. Can the elbow deformations and bicep bulge start at different times during the bend of the forearm? Or does it all have to correspond directly with the joint rotation from beginning to end?
  6. Symmetry in Cinema 4d seems non-existent except for the Symmetry object...but in order for that to work you have to cut the object in half first. I have a complex character I imported into c4d from another software and cutting it in half is not something I'm not willing to do. I should automatically be able to edit the geometry symmetrically because the model is symmetrical. Unless there's something I don't understand about the way c4d handles symmetry. Is there a button somewhere to turn on symmetrical mesh editing?
  7. Okay, I'm just being stupid. What I just said wasn't the issue. I was clearing the field while the slider was at 0, so the data wasn't burned into the scene file. Head smack.
  8. Thanks, that helped a lot. Here's what I was doing wrong... I was dropping the deformed object (mouth_open, eyes_closed etc) into the list so it would create the target in the advanced field automatically. When I did it that way, clearing the target field would also clear the morph data. based on your video, I tried it this way.... I used the "add pose" button, and then dragged the deformed object into the target field. Then when it was cleared, the morph data stayed and I'm able to delete the deformed object. For some reason it seems to work this way, but not in the way I was doing it originally. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info. One thing I found I was doing wrong was that I selected Yes (absolute) when dropping the morph target into the posemorph tag. I remade the posemorph tag with everything dropped in as "relative" so I could get some blend between the morphs, for example...eyes closed while mouth smiling, etc. Since you say it's not possible to make base mesh changes after creating the posemorph tag, I created another morph for body changes -- but that's not ideal. In Blender or Softimage I can modify the basemesh independently of the morphs contained in the object. I realize thhat C4d does things its own way, but it seems like a major shortcoming to be in a position of not making any more changes to the mesh once a posemorph tag is created. Also, I lose the ability to use a morph after I "clear" it in the advanced tab, so I'm not understanding that concept. If you could make a video that would be great. It would probably be of use to lots of c4d newbies. I hear that Cinema4d is easy but I'm finding it be confusing in some of the ways it does things -- but I'm sure something will click eventually. Blender is definitely much more fun (and easy) to use, but I'm learning Cinema 4d because it's not a constant work in progress like Blender is and feels more like a complete software.
  10. Also, why can't I make any polygon modifications to the base object now? If I move some polygons, they snap back when I drag a morph slider. There's something I'm not understanding about how the base mesh and morphs are related to one another.
  11. That didn't work for me. Do you mean to save a pmo file, then clear? When I use clear, the morph doesn't work anymore. If I save a pmo file, what actually happens? I don't see it anywhere in any file browser after it's saved.
  12. Hello everyone, former Softimage user user learning Cinema 4d and while trying to do some of the common things I do in Softimage (and Blender) I run into some problems. I hope I can get on track with a few questions on this board. I've imported an object to use as a facial expression morph. I dragged the object into the pose morph tag of the base object, creating a morph. Is there a way to apply the data to the main object so the morph target geometry can be deleted from the scene? Or does it need to hang around in the scene for the morph to work?
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