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  1. Actually I got much better results by using the Absorption canal in Medium, instead of colouring the stone in the transmission canal
  2. Hello everyone! I'm now working in Jewelry, and I have to render 10 different diamond colours. Colourless/transparent diamond are not a problem, playing around with dispersion/refraction index yields satisfying results, but things got trickier when I started to work on colour diamondsed. I changed the colour of my stone in the transmission chanel, which in the first place seem to solve the problem BUT there is something in the diamond world called FIRE. FIRE is the random colours appearing inside the diamond when light hits. While a white diamond provides a very wide specter of ton
  3. Hey there! I put my topic here because there's no Realflow section, I hope someone will be able to help me nonetheless. Something is really giving me a hard time. I'm struggling with a crown daemon, and it somehow looks like a bug. I tried to reinstall the plugin but it didn't help. Everytime I edit the crown shape manually, at some (random) point , but quite soon in the process, if I hit ctrl+Z, instead of going back to my previous step as it should be, it jumps way back to a weird initial state I don't even remember having created. Same ting, when I re-open the file after
  4. THANKS A LOT GUYS!!!! If I was not a Satan worshiper, I'd say "god bless you"
  5. Hello everyone! I have a slot machine spitting coins. I use particles emitter. It works all fine excpet for the fact that my coins get all deformed, scale modifications etc... Any clue how I could fix that so my coins keep the exact same shape and size from begining to the end? thanks!! emiter problem.c4d
  6. Hello everyone! I have prepared this flipping sign which will be placed before a ramp in a pinball. The problem I have is that if the large version works perfectly, when I decrease the size, to scale it for the pinball and hit play, it starts to behave crazy and un-natural. And my pinball cannot be enlarged because it's full of xpresso etc... Not sure there's a simple solution to this, but if there's, I4m a buyer! File attached, including the large and the small version of the sign Thanks! sign.c4d
  7. Valnoir

    Pinball bumper

    Amen alleluia be blessed unknown stranger.
  8. Valnoir

    Pinball bumper

    Ok This was exactly what I needed BUT. sorry for being such a newbe, I want to modify the value of the radius in "hidden" (turn it from 150 to 200) and I can't even get to change the value... how do you do that?
  9. Valnoir

    Pinball bumper

    Oh wow thanks! I'll dive into this. This should be very helpful.
  10. Valnoir

    Pinball bumper

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a pinball animation, in which the ball will be bouncing around on different elements like.... well, like in a pinball. I'm planning to have it all done with dynamic elements. The wall I'm hittinng now is that I need to have bumpers, (those funny mushrooms you have on pinballs) on which the ball should violently bounce back as soon as collision happen. As far as I understood, Xpresso, which I basically never used, should be able to help me on that task, but so far playing around with the collision mode didn't provide the results I was expecting. The st
  11. Yes I know, I just noticed that ahah, but that problem, in my case scenario at least, is much easier to solve. Thanks for your reply anyway!
  12. Actually I found a quite satsfying solution by changing "everything" in the dynamic/trigger parameters by "on collision". The column stays clean and steady until an object comes to collide!
  13. Hello everyone! I'm working on a sequence showing vertical piles/columns of coins, using a cloner, aligned on a spline (important for the rest of my project) And one thing bugging me is that, although I've tried to be rigorous as possible with all my measurements, when I hit "play", I have this annoying bouncing effect between the coins, before everything falls appart, while I wish all my column would stand still and solid. File attached. Tell me what I'm missing. Thanks for your help! pile pieces.c4d
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