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  1. Are you using a high refresh rate monitor as well? It's not "choppy" but I can tell that it caps at around 60 FPS rather than my monitor's native 165 FPS.
  2. I'm on S22, and this is on a brand new file with nothing in the viewport. I'm running on a Ryzen 3900x and RTX 2070 Super
  3. I'm using a 165Hz monitor and in my other 3D programs (Blender, Houdini, etc) the viewport is super smooth with a refresh rate that matches my monitor. My viewport in Cinema 4D looks choppy (around 60 FPS) even though the FPS in my HUD says that it's supposedly running at 200+ FPS on a new file. Is it supposed to be like this or is there a way to fix this?
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