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  1. So I wanted to update you on my progress. After many atempts, I managed to get my corners somewhat looking like I wanted using the stage SDS technique you explained. I didn't use weighting, since I didn't understand how to use it in this case, I just slid my points at low level, and tweak them a bit less each time I added a new sub-d level. Thanks again, I still need practice to make it perfect but I learned a lot ! Cheers
  2. Thanks Cerbera for the detailed answer. I reflected on your comment, and did a few searches based on your suggestions. I now have a way better understanding of the problem at hand. That's clever indeed. I will try starting once again using this technique. So poles = shadows. And too different polygons sizes = troubles. The two of which can be solved by a higher mesh density, if I get what you mean. I knew it had something to do with some of the long edges I got in the bottom of my object and I see how they would not exist if I had more polygons.
  3. Hey all, I'm quite the newbie, but spending most of my time learning C4D and after effects. I hope to work in the field one day. Currently learning modeling and enjoying it a lot. This website seems like a great resource to learn ! Cheers,
  4. Hi all, New here, seems like a great ressource. I'm new to C4D, and trying to model this robot as a challenge. I've been following this tutorial, explaining how to do a "180° cut" to have clean edges and angles on curved surface extrusions. My problem is that the outer corners of my extrusions are still not that clean. After A LOT of tweaking, I still have some minor but visible artefacts / shadows around the corners. 1/ Can someone take a look and tell me what they think about my geometry (I attached my file and some screenshots) ?
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