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  1. So I wanted to update you on my progress. After many atempts, I managed to get my corners somewhat looking like I wanted using the stage SDS technique you explained. I didn't use weighting, since I didn't understand how to use it in this case, I just slid my points at low level, and tweak them a bit less each time I added a new sub-d level. Thanks again, I still need practice to make it perfect but I learned a lot ! Cheers
  2. Thanks Cerbera for the detailed answer. I reflected on your comment, and did a few searches based on your suggestions. I now have a way better understanding of the problem at hand. That's clever indeed. I will try starting once again using this technique. So poles = shadows. And too different polygons sizes = troubles. The two of which can be solved by a higher mesh density, if I get what you mean. I knew it had something to do with some of the long edges I got in the bottom of my object and I see how they would not exist if I had more polygons. So if I understand correctly : I should create my sphere as I did, make it editable. Then subdivide it. Make my sub-d editable and tweak my mesh so my geometry is closer to the shapes I want to achieve. While being careful to keep my polygons as even sized as possible. Only then should I start my extruding. I can then sharpen my corners by using some of my existing polygon edges as control edges by sliding them with the slide tool. Never tried it, but I just watched a video, and indeed, I think I can guess a few ways it could be of use. I need to dig a bit on the matter, I will try searching the cafe and youtube for answers. Tempting but I'm broke at the moment with the pandemic and all, plus I'm not the best english speaker IRL. But I appreciate the offer and will consider it in the future if I can. You've already been of great help, thank you. And that is perfectly normal. Everyone got to eat !
  3. Hey all, I'm quite the newbie, but spending most of my time learning C4D and after effects. I hope to work in the field one day. Currently learning modeling and enjoying it a lot. This website seems like a great resource to learn ! Cheers,
  4. Hi all, New here, seems like a great ressource. I'm new to C4D, and trying to model this robot as a challenge. I've been following this tutorial, explaining how to do a "180° cut" to have clean edges and angles on curved surface extrusions. My problem is that the outer corners of my extrusions are still not that clean. After A LOT of tweaking, I still have some minor but visible artefacts / shadows around the corners. 1/ Can someone take a look and tell me what they think about my geometry (I attached my file and some screenshots) ? Am I being too concerned over small details ? 2/ Can someone criticize my process ? - I started from half an hexahodron sphere. And worked in symmetry. - For the "middle eye", I selected the edges of the polygons I wanted to extrude down and straightened them one by one using the scale tool. Then I inner extruded the area. Extruded it down. Shaped it using the move tool for the bottom part. Set up my 180 cut all around. Beveled or used control cuts on the edges I wanted to sharpen. - For the "side eyes", I selected the area, inner extruded it. Extruded it down. Used the slide tool to shape it the right way (gave up on the bottom corners). Set up my 180 cut. Beveled or used control cuts on the edges I wanted to sharpen. - For the "horns" on the head I was planning on using another object. Maybe by splitting off part of the sphere. - For the body I was planning on starting from a cylinder. And extruding to create the arms and other details. Thank you in advance for your help, robot_test.c4d
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