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  1. Hello, Environmental designer working on a virtual platform space - in need of C4D artist to create architectural spaces. Needs will be interior spaces like lobby, lounge, theater - mostly interior but some exteriors (building facade of structures). Artist must have a decent understanding of architecture - medium detailing as these environments will be used for fly-through animations and rendering stills. Must be able to work with sketches of ideas and / or CAD plans / elevations (we use Vectorworks). Freelance artist needed on a project by project basis for the next 4-6 weeks w
  2. Hi there, I come from the opposite direction - started way back in VW (MiniCad6 to be exact) all the way to present VW20 and just started learning C4D. VW is a great program for drafting and has a ton of graphic friendly capabilities (I actually prefer it for some graphic tasks over Illustrator which I find so NOT intuitive). For creating architecture, it works really well - starting as a 2D plan / elevations and then using that geometry to extrude into 3D shapes. For creating / adjusting anything that has complex geometry it chokes horribly. I am an old school scenic / enviro
  3. Hi All, Trying to render a fly through and when sending to the render farm, this is the error code I get: Plugintag "" (1016641) is not supported. Not sure where to look for the error - any thoughts? Thanks, Dan
  4. Hi All! Noob here in Mahoning, Pa. Not new to forums (gear-head) but new to this one . . . VERY new to C4D which is awesome and frustrating trying to learn. I am an environmental designer working in the Broadcast, Corporate Theater and Exhibit / Trade Show industries for the past 30 years. Since this Covid craziness, our industry sounds more or less like crickets. So - working on a virtual platform where we can create virtual meetings - not much different than what we were doing before. Vectorworks / Renderworks were my programs of choice - I milked Renderworks for all it was
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