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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I have to admit i do love using the old CINEMA 4D SE 5_2 as i am more comfortable with it than CINEMA_4D_CE+_6 I know that the more up-to-date version is more powerful and with more features on it but the latest one seems too expensive for such an amateur like me thanks
  2. Hi I am new and was wonder ianyone can help me I have 2 c4d programs: CINEMA_4D_CE+_6 & CINEMA 4D SE 5_2 Granted they are old programs compared to the newer versions but they work fine on my old computer (Windows 7) On windows 10 they also work fine but I have to keep typing the registration number everytime i use it. I don't have this problem with windows 7 so any ideas why windows 10 is no storing the registration numbers Is there something i doing wrong Thanks
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